Will there be a fifth series of the IT crowd?

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There is a fifth series confirmed by Graham Linehan, the director, but the date has not been set. There are unconfirmed rumours that there will be a Christmas special of the IT Crowd this year (2011) but that hasn't been confirmed.
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Will there be a fifth series in warriors?

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Is there a fifth series of prison break?

Season 4 of Prison Break is not over. There are 6 remaining episodes and will be the last 6 episodes of Prison Break starting April 2009. So, no season 5. US Viewers: . On

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Will there be an IT crowd series 4 and if so when will it come out?

Creator Linehan commented in early 2009 that he is optimistic about doing a fourth series. Cast member Chris O'Dowd stated "Hopefully what's going to happen is we'll do a Chri
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Where are the hidden extras on IT crowd series 4?

watch all the menu things(not the episodes, just the stuff in the background) (main,special features,set up) and then it will cut away to a hidden extra about there DVD menu's