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Will there be a sixth seaon of One Tree Hill?

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Yes, it is officially confirmed that One Tree Hill has been renewed for a sixth season. I found this out on tvguide.com, via Michael Ausiello's post-strike chart.
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Who is dating who on One Tree Hill?

Nathan is married to Haley. Lucas is married to Peyton. Brooke is married to Julian. Quinn is married to Clay. Mouth is appeared to be married to Milli. Tim is married Bevin.

Where is one tree hill set?

Wilmington,North Carolina    In the series, the fictional town in which it's set is Tree Hill, North Carolina, the show is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Who dies in One Tree Hill?

In the TV show "One Tree Hill" Jimmy, Keith, and Quentin die. Jimmy shots himself in episode 16 season 3Keith is shot my Dan in episode 16 season 3Quentin is shot at a gas st

Where is the tree on One Tree Hill?

The name of their town is called: 'Tree Hill'... There doesn't have to be a tree... It's the name of their town... and im sure their are many trees.

Who is the bartender in One Tree Hill?

During seasons 5-7, Owen Morello was the bartender. He was played by Joe Manganiello. From season 7 Grubbs became the new bartender; he is played by Michael Grubbs.