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Will urine become darker in color during pregnancy?

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To be honost here I don't think your urine will change colors.. at least mine didn't. Dark urine can mean you are not drinking enough water. I am sure it can mean other things as well but to be safe check with your doctor.
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Is painful urination normal during pregnancy?

Answer   Painful urination is not common to pregnancy, however, urinary tract infections are and those can cause painful urination. regardless you need to be seen by a do

Could it be a sign of pregnancy for the vaginal area to become a darker color?

Answer   The labia and vaginal area can change in color during pregnancy because of all the increased blood flow and sensitivity I forget the exact term for this sorry I

If a woman does have a period during pregnancy does it become lighter and what color is it usually?

  If you know for sure that you are pregnant, it is probably not going to be your period, although some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of wee
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What does protein in urine mean during pregnancy?

Protein leaks from the kidney more easily during pregnancy. A small amount (trace) is usually not serious, but if larger amounts are excreted, it can be a precursor to toxemia

What is the color of urine during the initial stages of pregnancy?

Urine should always be clear to very light yellow. Urine that is dark is either very concentrated meaning you need more fluids or possibly a sign of a UTI (urinary tract inf

What is trace in urine during pregnancy?

There is a hormone that can be traced in your urine when you are pregnant, and that is called the HCG hormone. Advanced pregnancy tests can detect this hormone & what percenta

How could you monitor the dehydration by seeing the darker color of urine?

It is quite basic. Urine should look like anything from very light lemonade, to weak tea. If it is is almost colorless, the person is probably getting too much liquid. That is