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Will you lose your deceased husbands retirement if you remarry?

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There is a great chance that you will you lose your deceased husbands retirement if you remarry. States handle this issue differently.
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You are Catholic your husband is not your first husband died you were married in the Catholic church you remarried again but not in the church you did divorce remarried are you still Catholic?

Are you still Catholic? Yes. Your marriage outside of the Catholic Church was invalid due to lack of canonical form unless you defected from the Church by a formal act prior t

How can I deal with my dead sister's husband remarrying again?

Please remember that the traditional wedding vow does specify that the marriage will last, "until death do us part". Marriage is not intended to last even beyond the grave. A

If your dead sister's husband remarries is he still your brother-in-law?

Once your sister died, her husband (now her widower) ceased to be your brother-in-law in a formal sense, although if there is a bond between you there is nothing to prevent yo

Did Selena's husband get remarried?

If you are talking about "Selena Quintanilla-Pérez" husband then: Yes he did!!!! His name is "Chris Pérez." He married: Vanessa Villanueva (? - present) and they have 2

Did Reba Mc.Entire ever remarry after the death of her husband?

her husband never died it was her husbands father who died. narvel leroy blackstock. Reba's husband's name is narvel Wayne blackstock.

Is wife entitled to ex husbands retirement?

That is an issue that must be addressed in the separation agreement  the parties enter into at the time of the divorce. If that issue is  contested, the wife 's counsel must

Does a wife need to probate her husband after he is deceased?

  This depends on the state in which the decedent died, so those laws must be checked. The general rule is that assets in a decedent's name alone may be transferred by the

Did Selena quintanillas husband remarry?

well actually he didn't after Selena died he still never remarried another woman he loved selena. he did got remarried to another woman named vanessa villanueva and had two k

Will an ex-wife lose benefits from her ex-husband if she remarries?

Yes, and in a growing number of states, when she just lives with the man. it depends. if this is military. and the court awards you retirement pension you will receive this fo

Will I lose my widow's pension if I remarry in Indiana?

What, exactly, is meant by "widow's pension?" Without further information that is impossible to answer. It all depends on the provisions of the particular pension plan or syst

Is a husband responsible for deceased wife's medical debt in Alabama?

Yes and no. Alabama is not a community property state, so the only way he would owe anything on those bills is if he put himself up as a guarantor over the medical expenses. I