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Will your pension check reduce your Social Security benefits before full retirement age?

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No. Only earned income is counted toward the $14,160 annual cap and still allow you to receive full benefits between the ages of 62 and the year in which you achieve the full retirement age of 66. The earning cap increases to $37,680 in January of the year you turn 66, and is lifted completely the month of your birthday. Afterward, there is no earned-income limit.

Pension checks, 401k payouts, annuities, capital gains, and other investments are not counted toward the income limit at any time.
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How much can you earn before Social Security payments are reduced when you are working before full retirement age?

For 2016, the limit is $15,720. (The amount goes up each year.)   These things don't count towards the limit:    Pensions   Annuities   Investment Income 

What age do you have to be to receive full Social Security benefits?

If you were: Born before 1943...................65Born between 1943-1954........66Born in 1955.........................66 + 2 monthsBorn in 1956.........................66 +

Is it best to draw Social Security benefits at 62 or full retirement age?

The answer depends on your individual circumstances; however, if you begin drawing retirement benefits at age 62, your check will be approximately 75% of what you would receiv

Can you work at age 65 and get full social security benefits?

No. Not until the year that you reach your FULL RETIREMENT AGE (FRA) or NORMAL RETIREMENT AGE (NRA) Go to the SSA gov web site and use the search box for FULL RETIREMENT AGE