With an AP X-ray what side of the spine do you see?

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In X-Ray
AP means anteroposterior (front to back) so you will see the front of the spine
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What is a lump at the top of the spine which can switch from side to side and vary in size?

Answer . \nThis could be a lipoma. Not to be confused with lymphoma. A lipoma is a benign tumor of fatty tissue. It may be moveable beneath the surface of the mouth membrane and more superficial lesions have a yellow/white color. It is painless and slowly enlarges, sometimes to become several (MORE)

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What does your spine do?

Your spine houses your spinal cord. The spinal cord transports messages from your brain out the nerves on each side of your vertebras (24 bones in your spine). Those nerves control everything in your body. Different nerves going thru different bones controls different things. If your spine is sublux (MORE)

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How do you diffrentiate between PA and AP chest x- ray?

Normally PA view is preferred. The clavicles won't project too high into the apices or thrown above the apices. The heart won't be magnified over the mediastinum. The ribs will not appear distorted or unnaturally horizontal like in lordotic chests. However pediatric chests normally employ AP recumba (MORE)

Are there cavities an X-ray can not see?

Absolutely! X-rays are simply a tool the dentist uses to diagnose dental disease. He also uses an instrument called an explorer to help him find decay that would otherwise be hidden. X-rays cannot see through metal. Therefore, if decay is present around an old crown or filling, it probably will b (MORE)

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What if you had to spines?

Without spines, which we do have, we would become unable to stand, and it would be next to impossible to move. Thinks somewhat hardened jelly.

How do X-rays see your bones?

X ray Machines work by creating a beam of radiation that passes through an object (or body part) and hits a "film cassette. The radiation causes a reaction with the interior of the cassette and this reaction produces light which in turn exposes the xray film inside. The film is then developed to sho (MORE)

Can x ray see marijuana?

It depends on the machine. Different materials are penetrated differently by x-rays, and some machines are tuned to pick up on the level of resistance typically caused by Marijuana. The latest x-ray technology uses backscatter technology. They not only capture the radiation that goes through an o (MORE)

Can you see X-rays?

No, x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays and microwave rays are not on our colour spectrum which is why we can't see them. Some animals can see ultraviolet rays. Humans are restricted to the colours of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and all the shades in between.

Why would the muscles on one side of the spine be more developed than the other side?

Unfortunately, I don't know the answer, but a physical therapist told me this is true of me. The muscles on the right side of my spine are more developed. I have a mild (approx. 12 degree Cobb angle) dextroscoliosis (bends to the right like a backwards C) of the cervical spine and levoscoliosis (ben (MORE)

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How do x rays see into the body?

The amount of energy the beam contains determines how much radiation will go through an object to hit the cassette. This energy level is determined by the person operating the machine and must be calibrated to the size and density of the object being viewed. The x rays will not penetrate dense objec (MORE)

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X-rays are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It consists of electromagnetic waves that have unique characteristics based on their wavelength or frequency. Human beings can only perceive light that has a wavelength about 10 -6 metres. This spectrum consists of all visible lights, from red to (MORE)

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If you can see the bones in your Corn Snake's spine - it is DRASTICALLY UNDERWEIGHT ! Get it to a vet NOW ! I have successfully brought many 'pet' snakes back from the brink of death I have either rescued, or been begged for help from people who obviously didn't know how to take care of their anima (MORE)

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Just as about as 'strange' as it gets: the Time that the Moon takes to REVOLVE [around the Earth's axis][ one month ] is the same amount of Time that It takes to ROTATE [around its own axis]. This does result in the same face-of-the-Moon facing Us at all times.

Why is it PA chest x-ray preferred in AP?

+ It reduces magnification of the heart therefore preventing the appearance of cardiomegaly; + It reduces the radiation dose to radiation-sensitive organs such as the thyroid, the eyes, the breasts; + The patient is stood erect, facing the image receptor. This facilitates a deeper inspiration and th (MORE)

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What is your sPine?

It is the bone that goes down your back and to which your nerves are connected to.

Can you see a penis in an x-ray?

Yes. For example, the X-rays used by TSA used to create images thatappeared as "virtual nudes." But in May 2013, TSA announced that iteliminated all invasive X-ray machines. Now, the X-ray machinescreate a generic outline of a person, showing a colored box wherethe potential weapon could be.

Why can you see are bones on an x ray?

X-rays are a high-energy radiation that can go right through the soft skin, muscle, and organ tissues, and turn the X-ray film dark. X-rays are stopped or at least diminished when hitting the much more dense metal called calcium in the bones, so the rays do not pass through to the film, creating wh (MORE)

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