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Wool yielding animals?

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Some wool yielding animals include:
Kashmir goat
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Is rabbit a wool yielding animal?

No way. Rabbits have fur, not wool. Both fur and wool are types of hair, but wool is a particularly curly type of hair. Rabbit hair isn't like that. Actually, there is a bree (MORE)

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What animals can you get wool from?

sheep, alpacas,llamas,and in some countries even from camels. camels skin is warm from underneath so it is used for making clothes

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Is goat a wool yielding animal?

Yes. Some breeds of goats produce wool. Angora goats produce mohair, and other breeds produce cashmere wool.
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What are wool yielding animals?

Animals that grow fleece -- much as humans grow hair -- include sheep, goats, alpacas llamas, yaks, and more. Camels and rabbits, for example, grow fur or hair that can be cle (MORE)

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From which animals do you get wool?

Wool comes from animals who grow it. The most common animal is sheep.There are others which include lama, alpaca ,and other mammals. Sheep wool is also very popular along with (MORE)

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What are the places in India where you get wool yielding animals?

INDIA We find camels in Rajasthan that yield wool. In Jammu and Kashmir, you find Kashmiri goat. In Ladakh and Tibet, yaks are found. WORLD In South America,llamas a (MORE)

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What are meat yielding animals?

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