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Some wool yielding animals include:
Kashmir goat
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Wool giving animals?

 Wool can be derived from many different animals. These include:    Sheep   Goats   Yaks   Muskoxen   Rabbits   Llamas and alpacas   Camels  

What are wool yielding animals?

Animals that grow fleece -- much as humans grow hair -- include sheep, goats, alpacas llamas, yaks, and more. Camels and rabbits, for example, grow fur or hair that can be cle

Type of wool yielding animals are found in india?

Wool yielding animals can be found in several states in India. The  types of wool yielding animals are goats, yaks, and sheep.

From which animals do you get wool?

Wool comes from animals who grow it. The most common animal is sheep.There are others which include lama, alpaca ,and other mammals. Sheep wool is also very popular along with

Which animals produce wool?

Wool is the textile fiber obtained from the fleece of many animals including sheep, goats, lambs, camels, yak, rabbits, alpacas, vicuna and llamas.

What are 10 wool yielding animals?


What animals gives us wool?

Sheep are the only animal that creates a true wool. Other species, including alpacas, goats and camels, can provide fiber or hair that can be cleaned, spun and woven similar t

Where you find animals yielding wool in India map?

There are many places where you can find animals yielding wool on  the Indian map. Some of these places include Rajasthan, Kashmir and  Jammu.

Where wool yielding animals live?

Animals that grow fleece -- the raw material from which wool is  cleaned, carded and spun -- live on every continent except  Antarctica.    People spin 'wool' from al