Word with 2 t's and 2 n's?

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Tournament, tantamount, nationality, northernmost, penitentiary, penitent, partitioning, contrition, intuition, internment, transition, infatuation, abstinent, translation, naturalization, transubstantiation (3 Ns and 3 Ts!), tantalizing, tormenting, consternation, contamination, contraindicated/contraindication, sanitation...
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What is a 6 letter word with 2 T's and 2 vowels?

tartan=noun, 1.woolen cloth with a woven pattern of straight lines of different colors and widths crossing at right angles, esp. as worn in the Scottish Highlands, where each

What is a word with 3 I's and 2 T's?

Imitation, intuition, intoxication, detoxification, totalitarianism, transmogrification, titillation, intimating, intimidating/intimidation, replicating, statistician, distrib

What are some words with 2 n's?

Some words that have a double "n" are: . announce . annual . annul . banner . bonnet . bunny . cannot . dinner . ennui . fanny . fennel . flannel . funnel . funn
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Where do you find N's castle in black 2?

To find the ruins of N's castle you must beat the Elite 4 and then head through Victory Road again, his Zoroark will guide you to the ruins.