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World's most hungry animal?

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What is the world's most hairy animal?

Fur seals have about 70,000 hairs per square centimetre. They probably have the most hairs overall.

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What is the world's most venomous land animal?

Now by venomous do you mean most potent, or most prominant? Most prominant would be the King Cobra. "One single bite of this deadly snake can easily kill a human. This sna (MORE)

Osamu Tezuka, the Father of Anime

Osamu Tezuka was a prodigious artist, writer and director who helped launch the genre of anime that's popular today. He created some of the best-known characters in Japanese c (MORE)

Why Do We Feel Hungry?

We all know what it's like to feel very hungry, but most people don't really understand what is happening in their bodies and brains to produce these sensations. Hunger is an (MORE)
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Hungry Bulldog Tasting the Air

When this bulldog saw that his owner was grilling some sausage, his mouth overflowed with saliva just from the smell alone. He was so hungry, he started licking and chewing on (MORE)

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What is the world's fattest animal?

the worlds fattest animal, happens to be a Giraffe! it was taken care of, by a family, who knew nothing about the species, they thought that it was to thin, and decided to ove (MORE)

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Which is the world's fastest animal?

On land - the cheetah (over very short distances) can go about 100 km/hr (60 mph). In the air - A Peregrine falcon can dive (stoop) at 398 km/hr (242 mph) In water - A Sailfis (MORE)

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What is the world's most ferocious animal?

Well, there is not just only one ferosious animal there is many... like right now there is an endangered ferosious animal named the black panther.There claws are dangerously s (MORE)