World's most hungry animal?

There are many animals that are extremely hungry in the world. These animal are animals that are constantly eating food.
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What is the world's most hairy animal?

Fur seals have about 70,000 hairs per square centimetre. They probably have the most hairs overall.
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Five Common Arguments against Animal Rights and Their Counter-Arguments

Animal rights proponents typically work to imbue dealings with animals with humanity and compassion, or eradicate the usage of animals as products altogether. This may include (MORE)
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Animal Rights Views

Animal rights, and the sub theories the concept encompasses, claim that animals (other than human beings) must be allowed to be the owners of their own lives. In addition, sup (MORE)
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The Study of Animals

Animals have been studied for thousands of years. Every major culture in world history has had a connection to animals. Whether they hunted animals, or treated them as pets, e (MORE)

What is the world's most venomous land animal?

Now by venomous do you mean most potent, or most prominant? Most prominant would be the King Cobra. "One single bite of this deadly snake can easily kill a human. This snake (MORE)

What is the world's most dangerous animal?

It depends on how you define dangerous.    The mosquito could be said to be the world's most dangerous animal.  It has been estimated that mosquitoes transmit diseases t (MORE)

What is the world's fattest animal?

the worlds fattest animal, happens to be a Giraffe! it was taken care of, by a family, who knew nothing about the species, they thought that it was to thin, and decided to ove (MORE)

What is the world's most ferocious animal?

Well, there is not just only one ferosious animal there is many... like right now there is an endangered ferosious animal named the black panther.There claws are dangerously s (MORE)
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The Unseen Side of Animals in Zoos

For many animal lovers, the thought of keeping animals in zoos is a difficult reality to contemplate. Likewise, for those who aren't quite as versed in animal rights, the idea (MORE)
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The Taxonomy of Animals

Taxonomy can be a very tricky thing, especially with animals. There are over 1.25 million known species of known animals in the world today. It is important for scientists to (MORE)