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There are many animals that are extremely hungry in the world. These animal are animals that are constantly eating food.
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What is the world's largest aquatic animal?

The Blue Whale is the largest aquatic animal. It averages about 100 feet in length. Blue whales on average grow to be about 80 feet, weighing upto 120 tons. Larger blue wh

What is the world's most venomous land animal?

Now by venomous do you mean most potent, or most prominant? Most prominant would be the King Cobra. "One single bite of this deadly snake can easily kill a human. This sna

What is classified as the world's fastest animal?

While the Cheetah is the fastest LAND animal, and can reach speeds of up to 60 mph in 3 seconds, the fastest animal is a bird- the Peregrine Falcon- which can reach 200 mph in

What is the world's fattest animal?

the worlds fattest animal, happens to be a Giraffe! it was taken care of, by a family, who knew nothing about the species, they thought that it was to thin, and decided to ove

What is the world's friendliest animal?

I'd say a dolphin. 2nd Answerer says: Wolves in the wild have actually adopted abandoned humans... so that is probably how they became man's best friend. 3rd Answerer says: I

What is the world's slowest animal?

well as you probaly know that the seepamonopamwam is extremely slow but the 2 lapizid spider beats it but that's not slowest is the beengrastos faces fobaboo with a maxamam sp

What is the world's meanest animal?

The Human being. Meanness requires an abstract form of intelligence that humans excel at. meanness requires an appreciation and pleasure in the suffering one brings upon anoth

What is the world's most poisonous animal?

For its size the most poisonous animal in the world is the marine cone snail. It lives in the indian and pacific oceans near australia, and after it shoots its poisonous detac

Why is the platypus the world's strangest animal?

There are many animals equally strange, and Australians do not regard the platypus as strange at all. To some, platypuses may be considered to be strange because they are uniq

What is the world's most ferocious animal?

Well, there is not just only one ferosious animal there is many... like right now there is an endangered ferosious animal named the black panther.There claws are dangerously s