Would black tie mean wear a black tie literally or would it mean any form or colour of tie?

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'Black tie' means that you have to wear a tux (US) or a dinner jacket (UK). Any color is fine, but black is recommended for gentlemen.

If you were to wear a white jacket, then black pants are appropriate.

Shoes should be pumps or patent leather oxfords (closed laces).
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Do women have to wear black to a black tie event?

No. While men wear tuxedos--well-dressed men wear a black bow tie--women have more latitude. However, black is a popular color for women's evening-wear, given its simplicit

Can you wear a long purple tie with a black tuxedo and no cumberbunn?

NO!!! At best, this would look like a black suit worn with a purple tie. More likely, it would simply look shiny and ridiculous, only a small step up from the powder-blue/ruf

What does black tie mean?

If you are invited to a "black tie" event, you should wear formal clothing. Men need to wear black tuxedo, formal (pleated front) white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and s

Can you wear a brown tie with a black suit?

Black is neutral and you can wear any color with it.

What does black tie mean on a wedding invitation?

It means wearing very formal clothing. Men usually wear tuxedos, women wear cocktail, long dresses or dressy evening clothes.

What does black tie invited mean?

One wears a formal suit with white shirt and black tie.

What is the difference between white tie and black tie formal wear?

Black Tie . For men, black-tie denotes a single or double-breasted dinner jacket with a black silk bow tie (commonly know as a tuxedo) . For women this means a long, floor l
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Can a women wear a tuxedo to a black tie wedding?

No, it is not advisable for a woman to wear a tuxedo to a black tie wedding because tuxedos are meant to be worn by men. She could wear a simple black cocktail dress and if sh