Would you give first priority to appearance in choosing a spouse?

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When choosing a spouse, it is not advisable to give too much priority to appearance. Some people are attractive, but they have clashing characters. Appearance is important, but not the only thing to look at.
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If you were on a boat in the center of the lake with your spouse and child and the boat tipped over and only you can swim who would you save first your spouse or your child?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nA marraige should come before a child. Both can be replaced, but save the spouse.\n. \nHopefully the spouse can swim and the child can be saved, but I bet you were asking this one for fun.\n. \nNow, if your mom were on board too...she can't be replaced so a psychologist might logically say that you should save her, replace the wife and kid. At least that is what my psychology professor once told my class.\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou only say "spouse" but it may make a difference whether it is the husband or the wife who can swim. I cannot imagine a mother saving her husband and leaving her child to drown. It is also difficult to believe that she would not insist that her husband save the child first.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYou're correct. The question is a test of individual understanding about the seriousness of marriage and how the commitment is between the husband and wife not extended family members, children or even friends. The love of a child is deep and precious. Of course our natural instinct on a message board is to say we would go for the child. \n. \nBut if we really weigh the seriousness of the scenario it will make you think about just how serious the institution of marrigae is:\n. \n" If you were on a boat in the center of the lake with your spouse and child, and the boat tipped over and only you can swim who would you save first?"\n. \nThe above scenerio doesn't present us with alternatives, excuses or rationalizations. \n. \nIf you were in this life or death situation who would you honestly save first?\n. \nBest wishes\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nSince the question is not "Which one would you save?" but "..who would you save first?" it implies that both individuals could be rescued. So one would use common sense (hopefully) rather than an emotional reaction. An adult would be less likely to panic and therefore could tread water longer and it is very likely that an adult being stronger could make it to the side of the boat and hold on, grab an oar, or any number of things Therefore using logic one would obviously rescue the child first. \n. \nThat aside, it would need to be a very forgiving (or selfish) woman who would stay with a man that allowed their child to drown.\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou didn't mention the age of the child so, it's possible they are quite able to swim to the over-turned boat. \n. \nInstinctively and if the child couldn't swim I would head for the child, get them on top of the boat and try to make it to my spouse. It's only human nature to go for the young and helpless and tell me a mother who wouldn't do this? I'm not a mother, but I'd do it for any child if that child were in the same boat as my spouse and I.

If you marry your foreign spouse in their country what would the first step be in filing a petition to get your spouse into the US?

Answer . \nYou need to apply for a permanent residency status. Go to INS or call them to get the application. It is a process that will take about 6 months to a year. After living in the US for 3 years as Permanent Resident your spouse can apply for US citizenship.

Why would your Narcissistic spouse give you the silent treatment?

They might be hurt. "Feelings.". Answer . They are deeply injured by some slight remark you made. oh anything you said - to stick up for yourself to express an opinion to point out an err on his part. It's the proverbial six year old mad at mommy so hes going to hold his breath till he turns blue. Thing is human six year olds grow out of it and learn the world does not revolve around him.. Trust me they are even more pertubed when you just ignore him and get on with your life as if he was nothing more than a mosquito bite. The effect is often startling and sometimes humorous. They will then go into another mode saying, acting and doing the wierdest things to get your attention. again the six year old is saying "look at me mommy see what i can do?". Keep ignoring him he will go away and find other people to irritate.. Its a good sign when hes in silient treatment mode. Because you are getting to him......

What was Wilson's first priority of his national agenda?

Wilson's first priority on his national agenda was to keep the USneutral during WWI. However, he was unable to do that, and enteredWWI in 1914.

Should parents be able to choose their children's spouses?

No way!! This is so wrong, and totally unfair to a young adult. Who is to say, that at age 4 or 6, that this girl and boy will be happy with each other at age 21? Nobody can predict the future - nobody ... relationships are "grown" not "planned".. _____________. I have not had success finding hard data, but my guess is that planned and arranged marriages result in fewer break-ups and divorces. I don't think for a moment that the western world will convert to these approaches, however. Mature relationships of love and commitment result from hard work and cooperation between 2 people who are committed to make it work. It is not necessary that such a relationship have its origin in the power of hormones and infatuation. Marriage as a legal contract originally had to do with equitable distribution of wealth and resources, and little if anything about love. It may have been easier to distinguish among love, lust and infatuation in those days than it is in the modern west.

Who gets first priority over organs?

Typically, priority goes to the patient that (a) will die without the new organ and (b) has the highest chance of ongoing survival.

When would it be dangerous to give first aid for an electric shock?

Not at all unless the electricity is still connected to the patient so ensure it has been turned off first.

If you were to choose between beauty or brains what would you pick give a conclusion?

Brains. You can buy beauty, or be in great physical shape with the right make up which would trick the eye. Beauty fades, then, you're left with nothing. Exceptional beauty is even worse. Imagine going through most of your life with people bending over backwards to help you- you'd never need to develop self reliance, personality, pursue education etc, and then one day you turn 30, or 40 or whatever and all of a sudden, no one cares anymore. Of course, that's a worse case scenario. However, even so, if you are even moderately pretty, it, like everything else about you (height, weight, intelligence, social style, etc) becomes part of your identity- and it's the only thing that isn't permanent. You've always identified yourself as (whatever- fill in the blanks) the smart pretty girl, or the pretty girl, and one day, you're no longer the pretty girl. Hopefully you were the smart pretty girl so you can still be the smart girl. Of course, you could always get Alzheimers and then it's all down the tubes.

Why would a 42 yr old man choose going freak dancing over his 34 yr old coworker girlfriend of two months who has her priorities straight and breakup with her by falsely accusing her of playing him?

\nBecause it doesn't matter if he is 42, 2, or 4.......he's a boy....and like a kid in a candy shop, he's always looking for something more, better or different to satisfy his "taste" at the moment. Problem is, he already had the 100,000 dollar bar, but traded it for penny candy. My advice to you......take his empty wrapper of a self and throw it in the TRASH! Don't even bother to recycle this one!

Is God choose the spouse for us or God guide us to choose the spouse?

God has everything predestined. It is his will of your life but it is =your job to follow his will and seek his will, then you will find who he has in store for you.

Give an example of to explain priority of cascading style sheets?

The first priority of CSS is always the inline styles. This would make all of your paragraphs bold. It is inserted into the HTML so it is always the first style to be applied. If you had in an external style sheet. p {font-weight: normal;} It would not work, for the part of the HTML that the style has been applied too, as in

Should parents choose spouses for their children?

No, parents should not choose a spouse for their children. This is important that you don't choose a spouse for your children as they will need to learn how to choose a spouse on their own. Your children will be happier with the spouse they choose than they are if you choose their spouses for them! Plus the ability to choose a spouse will need to be learned by your children as it will greatly affect their emotional and financial well-being.

When would it be dangerous to give first aid?

On May 14th 2010 edit:when doing so will put you or the victim in more danger, things to look for before starting first aid are Fire,Wire,Gas,Glass. also, as a side note don't take first aid advice from trolls

Can an agreement be signed by spouses before buying a house that would give one spouse ownership in case of divorce later?

What you are talking about is called a "pre-nuptial agreement" and it is increasingly common in many areas. You should both consult with lawyers however, to ensure that your agreement is legally valid.

Which of the following would you give right of way priority to while driving on the flight line?

Answer is all the above emergency response vehicles responding to an emergency taxiing aircraft aircraft being towed

How much input should parents have in choosing their child's spouse?

The parents should have a certain extent of input but it is really the child's choice. If you don't like who they are marrying or you don't think they are right for them or you cant put your trust in that person you should definetely tell them so they can look into it. It takes someone to say something for them to be able to see sometimes.

What is the first priority of the president?

As in, What is the First Priority for the Current President, Or just Presidents in General??? But, I suppose it would be to familiarise themselves with the Secret Service???

How do Sikhs get to choose their Spouse?

Usually, it is arrange marriage (for every religion except Christianity) but love marriage is also sometimes appreciated...

Recall the priorities of first aid?

Safety first - if you are in danger or the situation becomes dangerous, retreat and do not attempt/continue to administer first aid. Two casualties is never an improvement. Avoid moving patients unless absolutely necessary. A - Airway --> ensure airway is clear. Remove any debris in the mouth and turn patient into recovery positon to ensure no blockage can occur. If the patient is conscious, check for blockages in airway. B - Breathing --> not breathing? Start mouth-to-mouth resucitation. C - Circulation --> no pulse? Start chest compression (in conjunction with m-t-m res'n if required) There is more, but that's the basics. More: eg. Bleeding & breaks.

What was Jefferson's first priority as a president?

To limit the federal governments power over the citizens Jefferson's first goal as President was to limit the federal government's power over states and citizens

What are the priority of the first aid?

The priorities are ABC: Airway, Breathing and Circulation. This is because something interfering with any of the three can be extremely life threatening. We address the ABCs in the Primary Survey. If we are unable to get an airway, if the patient is not breathing, or if the patient does not have a pulse, we will have to perform either CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) or AR (Artificial Respiration).

When would a first aider give cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

Give CPR for an adult when no signs of life are present or for an infant/child when there is no breathing and no pulse.

The first priority at every accident site?

The first thing to do is check if any passengers have been injured including yourself. If there is anyone else invloved try to get help if they have a serious wound or have been knocked out. Call an ambulance or police if anyone is injured. IMPORTANT! Do not move a seriously injured person as you might make it worse.

Which lien has first priority?

Liens are given priority in the order that they are filed. Liens for property taxes, however, will be given priority in the case of a foreclosure sale. But after any back taxes are paid, then the lien filed in first in chronological order will be given the highest priority.

What is first priority when you arrive at a crime scene?

If the victim(s) are still on the scene, check to make sure if there are any injuries or meidcal assistance is needed. THEN - get enough information to flash a lookout over the radio for the offender(s).

Is first in first priority grammatically correct?

First in priority is correct. Priority is a much-misused word. It is something to have, or to be in, not something to be. Better speakers never say something is a priority, but rather that it has priority.

What is a question that would give the answer First Fleet?

"What was the name of the group of ships that brought the first convicts to New South Wales?"

Would your car be a unsecured priority?

"Unsecured priority" refers to a type of debt. It means (1) that there is no lien guaranteeing (securing) the debt, and (2) that the Bankruptcy Code gives it priority over other unsecured debts for public policy reasons--in other words a priority debt gets paid before non-priority debts. So, a car cannot be unsecured priority, because it is an asset and not a debt. If you are asking whether you can protect your car in bankruptcy, that is a different question, and the answer depends on the exemption laws in your state. If you obtained a loan to purchase the car, then that loan is most likely secured by the car (i.e. there is a lien), and you cannot remove the lien unless the value of the car is below the current loan amount and you purchased your car more than 910 days before you file for bankruptcy. For more info, take a look at the link below. The above is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended as legal advice, and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

How many chances can you give your spouse that he will not cheat anymore if he betrayed you during the first year of your marriage?

Many sociologists believe that a true change of heart once what you described has occurred is a very rare thing.

What is the first priority of basic life suppoert?

The ABCs are the first priorities in basic life support: . A = airway, is it open or blocked . B = breathing, can the person breathe or do they need assisted breathing . C = circulation, are all organs being perfused with blood Without the ABC guideline, there would be no "life" to support.

When multiple priorities how to work out which one is to do first?

If you believe in Murphy's Law, it does not matter. You will make the wrong decision every time! Urgent and important are not the same thing. Some things are neither important nor urgent, or important but not urgent. Don't worry about them (yet). Some things are urgent but not important - they form the second tier of tasks. Then there are the tasks that are urgent and important: these are the top tier tasks. Think about the following: . can you delegate, get help? . are any priorities negotiable? . what will happen if the task is not completed on time? This may include a judgement on how important the "customer" is. . what will happen if the task is completed on time. You could use cost-benefit analyses for this and the previous point. . are there any tasks that must be completed before you can even start on another? Critical path analyses may help.

What do you do If your spouse won't give you a divorce?

You go ahead and file. You cannot be held prisoner in a marriage in the United States.

How do you get pregnant without giving it to spouse?

You could use sperm donor, that way you could choose the father and have the sperm artificially inceminated into you, that way you can fall pregnant without having to conceive naturally.

Why it would be dangerous to give first aid for chemical burns?

Because if another person were to come in contact with the chemicals, then they would be harmed as well.

Partners today choose spouse because?

their funny, smart, cute, nice, hot, caring, good with kids, know how to have fun, charming, has a steady job, not a cheater, and finally, the perfect guy or girl. all guys and girls look for the perfect one, but that's impossible, everyone makes mistakes, so be the next to perfect person

Will you cheat if your spouse pays attention and made you his priority?

When a man gives his love and his all because he truly loves his spouse most mature women feel they are blessed and it's a good marriage. However, some women take full advantage of such a giving man and take what the can get while cheating on him and eventually, the cheater will lose in the end and regret their actions. Each woman and man has the capacity to use their brain and know that cheating is not acceptable and hurts the one that loves them so it's strictly up to each individual woman as to how she handles this type of love.

What would be the first thing to give to a new girlfriend?

This is coming from a girl, and the best thing to give your new girlfriend is a kiss and a hug, even though girls liked being spoilt, if you buy them stuff too quickly, it scares them, i know, i have been there. On her birthday, get her something big that she will love. I hope this helps, and good luck!!

A spouse files for divorce New Hampshire and the other spouse does not answer the complaint or show up for the first court appearance. How does the divorce proceed?

That will slow down the divorce proceeding but cannot stop it. The court or an attorney can advise you. The notice can be published in the local newspaper and the sheriff will certify that notice was served to the other party at their last known address. That will slow down the divorce proceeding but cannot stop it. The court or an attorney can advise you. The notice can be published in the local newspaper and the sheriff will certify that notice was served to the other party at their last known address. That will slow down the divorce proceeding but cannot stop it. The court or an attorney can advise you. The notice can be published in the local newspaper and the sheriff will certify that notice was served to the other party at their last known address. That will slow down the divorce proceeding but cannot stop it. The court or an attorney can advise you. The notice can be published in the local newspaper and the sheriff will certify that notice was served to the other party at their last known address.

What to do if my husband always gives me first priority and put me first before his family and also spends all time with me out of duty but from hearts of hearts loves his sister more than me?

I wouldn't worry too much, love between you and your husband is very different than the love between his family. Its most likely not that he loves her more, just that hes known her longer and differently. He may go to her about more personal issues that he doesn't feel comfortable going to you about. But esp. if hes putting you as he 1st priority and showing you more attention that's good and he wouldn't make the effort to out of duty. That's just jealousy making it seem like he loves her more than you, but its prob. nothing.

Why are some spouses never made their marriage their first priority?

Maybe because they were never ready for it, but in a marriage it has to have communication, trust, and understand each other, if both person doesn't have that, than is better to let go, is not worth it been with someone who doesn't feel the same way as you do.

Are personality priorities or interests more important for choosing a career?

Yes because you need to choose a career that you would enjoy, if your friends tell you that they would like you to do the same job with them and you are not interested in the job you shouldn't do that job.

Do you give priority to traffic from the right if not yet on the roundabout?

You grant the right of way to traffic coming from your left already in the roundabout.

What is the first priority of Indian?

the first priority of an indian is to walk on the principal ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS and to support one another , help others, walk side by side. BY- AARUSHI SHARMA 7A SURENDRANATH CENTENARY, RANCHI,JHARKHAND.

How would a first time shopper go about choosing an outdoor spa?

Personally, a first time shopper would go about choosing an outdoor spa simply based on personal; feeling. Without shopping experience, there is nothing to rely on but instinct and personal level of joy differential between spas.

What is a candidates first priority in a close election?

During a close election, the first priority of the candidates is toget their people out to vote. Every person that votes helps theircandidate.

What are some priorities that should be considered when choosing a school for your child?

Some priorities that one should consider when choosing the right school for a child is how will the child be getting to school, is the school accessible to them. What are the class sizes, will they child get the individual help they need.

Can you give your spouse everything when you divorce?

Yes. You can voluntarily give your interest in marital property to your spouse at the time of the divorce. It must be in writing and drafted by an attorney.

What actors and actresses appeared in Priority - 2009?

The cast of Priority - 2009 includes: Sarah Coffey as Sarah Chrissy Madison as Chrissy Janice Pisello as Janice Valerie Trombley as Val

What actors and actresses appeared in Priorities - 2012?

The cast of Priorities - 2012 includes: Andy Apolon Chris Crisman Nicholas Hatsis as Marty Colin McCarthy as Cort Jake Skiba Matt Toohey as Executive Director of Access Services of Northern IL

Can I give my spouse hives?

If your spouse's hives are caused by an allergic reaction orstress, you could indeed be causing them. Whatever the cause yourspouse should go and seek medical help for the condition.