Would you give first priority to appearance in choosing a spouse?

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When choosing a spouse, it is not advisable to give too much priority to appearance. Some people are attractive, but they have clashing characters. Appearance is important, but not the only thing to look at.
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If you were on a boat in the center of the lake with your spouse and child and the boat tipped over and only you can swim who would you save first your spouse or your child?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nA marraige should come before a child. Both can be replaced, but save the spouse.\n. \nHopefully the spouse can swim and the child can be saved, but I bet you were asking this one for fun.\n. \nNow, if your mom were on board too...she can't be replaced so a psychologist m (MORE)

Why would your Narcissistic spouse give you the silent treatment?

They might be hurt. "Feelings.". Answer . They are deeply injured by some slight remark you made. oh anything you said - to stick up for yourself to express an opinion to point out an err on his part. It's the proverbial six year old mad at mommy so hes going to hold his breath till he turns blue. (MORE)

What would you do if your spouse is mean and controlling?

leave them and find someone who will love you and do anythign for you and never let them go and live happy for the rest of your life! or you could talk to your spouse and tell him what is going on adn how you feel and if he doesnt agree to change then forget him and get with prince charming! -Nata (MORE)

Should parents be able to choose their children's spouses?

No way!! This is so wrong, and totally unfair to a young adult. Who is to say, that at age 4 or 6, that this girl and boy will be happy with each other at age 21? Nobody can predict the future - nobody ... relationships are "grown" not "planned".. _____________. I have not had success finding hard (MORE)

If you were to choose between beauty or brains what would you pick give a conclusion?

Brains. You can buy beauty, or be in great physical shape with the right make up which would trick the eye. Beauty fades, then, you're left with nothing. Exceptional beauty is even worse. Imagine going through most of your life with people bending over backwards to help you- you'd never need to deve (MORE)

Why would a 42 yr old man choose going freak dancing over his 34 yr old coworker girlfriend of two months who has her priorities straight and breakup with her by falsely accusing her of playing him?

\nBecause it doesn't matter if he is 42, 2, or 4.......he's a boy....and like a kid in a candy shop, he's always looking for something more, better or different to satisfy his "taste" at the moment. Problem is, he already had the 100,000 dollar bar, but traded it for penny candy. My advice to you.. (MORE)

What would you do if your spouse wants a baby?

That is actually a good question. Babies are a lot to handle (especially when giving birth) But makes a good addition to a family. If my spouse wanted a baby, I would give it to him by doing it the old fashioned way by making love to him/her. It would take a quarter of the year to give birth and to (MORE)

Should parents choose spouses for their children?

No, parents should not choose a spouse for their children. This is important that you don't choose a spouse for your children as they will need to learn how to choose a spouse on their own. Your children will be happier with the spouse they choose than they are if you choose their spouses for them! (MORE)

When would it be dangerous to give first aid?

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How much input should parents have in choosing their child's spouse?

The parents should have a certain extent of input but it is really the child's choice. If you don't like who they are marrying or you don't think they are right for them or you cant put your trust in that person you should definetely tell them so they can look into it. It takes someone to say someth (MORE)

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Recall the priorities of first aid?

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Is first in first priority grammatically correct?

First in priority is correct. Priority is a much-misused word. It is something to have, or to be in, not something to be. Better speakers never say something is a priority, but rather that it has priority.

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When multiple priorities how to work out which one is to do first?

If you believe in Murphy's Law, it does not matter. You will make the wrong decision every time! Urgent and important are not the same thing. Some things are neither important nor urgent, or important but not urgent. Don't worry about them (yet). Some things are urgent but not important - they form (MORE)

Partners today choose spouse because?

their funny, smart, cute, nice, hot, caring, good with kids, know how to have fun, charming, has a steady job, not a cheater, and finally, the perfect guy or girl. all guys and girls look for the perfect one, but that's impossible, everyone makes mistakes, so be the next to perfect person

Will you cheat if your spouse pays attention and made you his priority?

When a man gives his love and his all because he truly loves his spouse most mature women feel they are blessed and it's a good marriage. However, some women take full advantage of such a giving man and take what the can get while cheating on him and eventually, the cheater will lose in the end and (MORE)

A spouse files for divorce New Hampshire and the other spouse does not answer the complaint or show up for the first court appearance. How does the divorce proceed?

That will slow down the divorce proceeding but cannot stop it. The court or an attorney can advise you. The notice can be published in the local newspaper and the sheriff will certify that notice was served to the other party at their last known address. That will slow down the divorce proceeding b (MORE)

What to do if my husband always gives me first priority and put me first before his family and also spends all time with me out of duty but from hearts of hearts loves his sister more than me?

I wouldn't worry too much, love between you and your husband is very different than the love between his family. Its most likely not that he loves her more, just that hes known her longer and differently. He may go to her about more personal issues that he doesn't feel comfortable going to you about (MORE)

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Can I give my spouse hives?

If your spouse's hives are caused by an allergic reaction orstress, you could indeed be causing them. Whatever the cause yourspouse should go and seek medical help for the condition.