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You Want Tally 7.2 Shortcut Keys?

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i want to one side and other side tally transfer youse in email
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What is tally 7.2 software?

  Is is an accounting software .Most popular and used world wide.In this version   added a lot of new methods and very user friendly.

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What is Tally 7.2?

  Tally 7.2 - an Integrated Enterprise Solution with Complete Accounting, Inventory and Reporting capabilities. Tally 7.2 provides a total solution that helps you to man (MORE)

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Duplicate entry in tally 7.2?

Go to a ledger and press Alt + 2 and you will get the entry with old date and if you change the date the entry is created but voucher no. have to change. same no. cannot be ac (MORE)

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Can you install Tally 7.2 in Linux?

"No. There is no Linux-native version, and it does not function under Wine." Tally 7.2 does have a Linux version with its CD. The installer and other docs are placed under a (MORE)