You are 13 and your penis is 14 cm non erect should you be worried?

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wow,you are an idiot.
No, you shouldn't be worried. You may not have begun puberty yet and no matter how small it is flacid, it is the erect size that matters. Many men with long penis length when it is down see little real increase when it erects. If you are really concerned, see a urologist and tell him you dont think things are developing as much as you think they should. He may put you mind at ease and hopefully won't call you an idiot like the last poster.
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Im 13 and my penis is 4in soft and 5in hard should i be worried?

What's there to be worried about? You have a penis. Big deal. >_> You're 13 and should not even be thinking about that kind of stuff, quite frankly. Wait until you're 15, a