You are a Japanese and you want to adopt your filipina wife's daughter?

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If your wife is for the adoption I don't see the problem because you are a different race, get an adoption lawyer if you aren't sure.
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How do you adopt your wife's 13-year-old daughter if her father has never seen her and does not pay any child support and the only thing that connects her to him is his name on the birth certificate?

I'm in Michigan and the way that we handled that was by calling the "County Court" where we live. They hooked us up with the Family Courts. You have to be married (at least in our state) for one year and then there is an 'application' process. It took a few months to get completed as we had to "pet (MORE)

How expensive is adoption when you want to adopt your wife's children?

It won't be nearly a expensive as adopting a child from an agency or a foreign country. But you should find a lawyer who deals with this and have the appropriate paperwork drawn up to make it legal. The best way to find a good, reasonably priced lawyer is by word of mouth. Ask around to people who h (MORE)

How does one adopt the daughter of his girlfriend?

You can file the adoption papers yourself and can usually be found in Office depot type store. You can also have a Paralegal file the papers for you for a $100 - $300 filing charge. As long as the biological father has nothing against it and you've married your girlfriend it should be quite easy. No (MORE)

What is going on with your relationship if you're adopting your deceased brother's daughter and your boyfriend wants to be her adoptive father but doesn't want to get married after 5 years of dating?

Answer . First off, don't let the boyfriend adopt the child until you are legally married. Second, if he doesn't want to get married after 5 years of dating, then he is just not serious or committed to this relationship. I am guessing there is sex involved so this guy "gets free milk without buyi (MORE)

How do you adopt your wifes daughter?

If the biological father is living, you will probably need his written permission. Then, you file the adoption papers with the court. Use a lawyer to make sure everything is done correctly.

Can I date my adopted aunts daughter?

Sure. I'm guessing you mean the cousin is not biologically related to you....meaning you and this cousin are cousins through one parent, and the cousin's cousin is through another parent. While that person is distantly part of your extended family and it might be a little odd, there's no biological (MORE)

How do you legally adopt your wife's child in Texas?

This would be a step-parent adoption, a fairly routine process, listed in the Texas civil code as: "§ 162.001. WHO MAY ADOPT AND BE ADOPTED. (a) Subject to the requirements for standing to sue in Chapter 102, an adult may petition to adopt a child who may be adopted. (b) A child residing (MORE)

Did George Washington have an adopted daughter?

yes, her name was Nellie Custis (Washington), his granddaughter.. He had two stepchildren , son and daughter of Martha Custis, whom he married. He later raised two of his Custis grandchildren, Nellie and George.

You want to get adopted how do you if someone who can adopted you?

1st of all , Think about this completly. 2nd, think for a few more days. About why you want to be re-adopted, Why you don't want to have the parents who already adopted you, What your going to do if the person you want to adopt you, isn't planning on adopting, ETC; 3rd, Discuss this with (MORE)

What were Nicholas' wife's and daughters names?

Mother- Czarina Alexandra Romanov ( maiden name Von Hess ), daughters- Olga- l895-l9l8 who was six foot two, Tatiana (l897-l9l8) honorary intelligence officer, Maria l899-l9l8 and of course, Anastasia- l90l- Alone of the Romanov Girls, Stacy was Under Age. Ps there have been rumors of a FIFTH illegi (MORE)

Was Obama's daughter adopted?

Obama has 2 daughters and they are not adopted. ************ This is a blunt statement with overwhelming contrary evidence. Objectively commenting, please read on. When, in history, has a proud mother, and husband, not had record of their childbearing shared days, especially in the career lime (MORE)

How do i adopt my wife's child?

Adoption by step-parents is the most common type of adoption in the United States and the procedure is virtually the same as it would be for other types of adoption. The process is relatively easy in those cases in which the biological parent consents or has abandoned his parental duties. If the bio (MORE)

Your husband wants to adopt your daughter where should you go?

The first step is to contact a Family law lawyer, they will then walk you through the necessary steps such as terminating the rights of the biological father (or assisting you with the paperwork necessary for the biological father to sign his rights away) you will then go to court for the final adop (MORE)

What would your wife's cousin's daughter be to you?

Unless your wife is also your cousin, your wife's cousin is most probably not related to you. The daughter would therefore not be related to you either, unless your wife's cousin was married to one of your cousins.

Is Hugh Jackman's daughter adopted?

Hugh Jackman is the Australian actor best known for his role as"Wolverine" in all the X-men films. He and his wife Debora-Lee havetwo adopted children, Oscar Maximillian and Ava Eliot.

Can you adopt your wife's sister?

Adoption is usually used to establish a legally accepted parent-child or custodial relationship. If your sister-in-law is a minor without custodial parents, it might be possible to adopt her, but as your child, not as your sister. Consult an attorney familiar with adoption law in your area, petition (MORE)

Can my ex-wife's husband adopt my children?

It's possible, but not as simple as signing a piece of paper and away they go. IIRC, you would have to relinquish your rights as a parent in order for that to happen. So long as you don't consent to that, you can prevent it from happening.

When were eminem's two daughters adopted?

He has 1 daughter called Hailie Jade. Alaina (Laney) is Kim's twin sister Dawns daughter who Slim adopted & now has full custody of her. I dunno when she was but Hailie werent adopted.

How are you related to your grandfather's wife's daughter?

Your grandfather's wife's daughter is either your mother or your aunt. But if your grandfather's wife's daughter is from a previous marriage, and your grandfather did not adopt her, then she is not related to you, although she would be a step-sister to one of your parents. If they grew up toge (MORE)

How do you adopt your wife's 4-month-old daughter if her father has never seen her and does not pay any child support?

You need to contact an attorney who specializes in custody and adoption. Generally, it will be easier if the father will consent to the adoption. If not then you will need to petition the court to terminate the father's parental rights. Each state has its own laws that govern such an issue. You need (MORE)

Why does Egyptians wants to marry filipina?

If a Egyptian wants to marry a Filipino, it is probably by choice. Usually someone chooses their husband or wife. However, who someone marries could be because of religious reasons, or family pressures.

Can your daughter marry your wife's nephew legally?

Is your wife the mother of your daughter? If not, the two are not related and could get married. If she is the mother of your daughter, or has adopted her, she would be considered a first cousin. In many places, they could get married without any problem, but check your local laws as some places (MORE)

How can I adopt my daughters baby?

The easiest way would require the consent to the adoption by bothparents. If one or both of the parents aren't willing to consent itmay be possible if you can show the court that the child would bebetter off with you but you should consult with an attorney whospecializes in custody and adoption issu (MORE)