You are a green card holder and working part time how can you sponsor your parents to visit?

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That depends upon how long they want to visit. If they are coming for a week, they don't have to be sponsored. If they have passports they can come as tourists. Almost anyone can come to visit the US (certain types of criminal records make people ineligible even to visit). It's only the people who plan to stay for long periods of time who need special permission.
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You are illegal due to overstay then marry a green card holder are can you work and re-enter the country while waiting for your green card number?

First, if you have entered illegally, then marriage will not help your immigration status. For those who have stayed longer than their lawful permission, marriage to a US Citizen is a common avenue toward Adjustment of Status. When you apply for Adjustment of Status, you can also apply for work (MORE)

Can a green card holder who is currently pregnant sponsor her spouse for a visiting visa and at the same time sponsor her husband for a resident visa?

What do you mean by "her spouse AND her husband. What kind of soap opera is this? No, you can only apply for your legal spouse (aka, husband). And by legal spouse or husband, I mean, the one you actually married by law. She filed a petition to bring her spouse (married legally in their home countr (MORE)

You are a green card holder living in the US your parents are transferring 100000 to you to be used as part of a down payment on a home do you have to pay tax on this amount?

No, I really don't think so. I'm not sure how it would be different than appearing to be your funds being used. If you went there and they gave it to you, and you used it here...even if you had them send it to you as they help with your affairs from there, it wouldn't be taxable income to you. (MORE)

Can green card holder study in the university?

Yes! because they have a green card so they can study in Univeristy. It is depend on they have money or not because if they don't have money to pay for each term in University so they need to go to college. But for people who don't have a green card, they might need to go back to where they from, an (MORE)

Can a green card holder work in Canada?

yes, everything is possible, but that would b illegal. if the person want to work in a good job and totally legal, that is a long process, work permit first and than ooha! find a job as a prime minister!

As a green card holder can you vote?

Generally, you must be a United States citizen in order to register to vote in any governmental election in the country. A legal permanent resident (green card holder) is not eligible to vote, unless a particular municipality allows for it. A person must check with their local board of elections o (MORE)

What is green Card Holder?

\nGreen card is the name usually associated with a permanent resident of the USA. The card was formerly green, now it is much like a driving license which contains a information on a permanent resident of the USA.

Can Us green card holder working in Germany?

can US green card holder working in Germany Answer The only people who can work in Germany without a Work Permit are EU, EEA and Swiss citizens. All others, including US citizens and US residents need a Work Permit.

H2B visa holder can be sponsor by a us citizen sister for a green card or immigrant?

Can I apply for a Green Card while on H-2B status? Yes, you may apply for Green Card while on H-2B visa. You may attain an immigrant status in the U.S. through the Family Based Immigration. If you have close relatives who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents, the relatives may file an immig (MORE)

Does US green card holder need visa to visit Malaysia?

If you have a green card and a travel document from the USCIS you need a visa. But if you are a green card holder and have a passport, you may not need a visa depending upon the country of citizenship, i.e. green card is irrelevant. Check the list of citizens who requires visa for Malaysia.

Can green card holder travel to Europe?

Yes, you can. However, If you are a national of a country which ordinarily requires a visa to enter that specific European country, then you should apply for a visa before your departure; green card does not give you visa-free access to ANY of the European nations.

Does a green card holder need a visa to visit Argentina?

All the sources tell me "yes", but I just received a phone call and my Ukrainian passport back, with the note attached that "I don't need a visa to travel to Argentina". I'll be following up on that, as a simple post-it note is not enough...

Is a green card holder over 65 who has no authorization to work eligible for medical benefit?

There is a time limit after entry into the country before you would be eligible for any public benefits. But if you do receive public means tested services, your sponsor (which all green card holders are required to have) would be liable for the dollar amount of any such services you received. This (MORE)

Can a green card holder vote in the US?

Yes for some local elections. From the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service: "There are very few jurisdictions where a non-U.S. citizen may vote in a local election. You can obtain information regarding voting qualifications in local elections from your local voting authority. It is impor (MORE)

Can a green card holder stay outside us for around 180 days every visit and maintain the of getting the citizenship?

Applicants applying for US Citizenship must have maintained continuous residence in the United States for at least five years immediately preceding the applicant's filing for citizenship with form N-400. Continuous residence is not the same thing as physically being present in the United States. An (MORE)

Can a green card holder sponsor an Indian?

The green card holder can petition for his/her spouse and unmarried children only.The preference is only for them. The time taken for process completion that is the waiting time for green card holder spouses and for minor children is four years while the period is eight years for adult children ag (MORE)

Can a green card holder marry a visiter that's in the US?

Yes provided the visitor continues stays in legal status.Once the marriage formalities are complete the green card holder can petition for green card for spouse by filing Form I-130 and also concurrently file Form I-485 for adjustment of status.

How do you denonce a green card holder?

For Expatriation in the first phase legal and political aspects needs to be taken care of US citizenship. Secondly you are required to file Form 8854 for Expatriation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and bring your income tax return filing up to date as of the date you surrender your citizens (MORE)

Can a green card holder work in Asia?

Yes but it becomes a problem during naturalization. Green card in US is mainly for a person to stay and work in US permanently and so its supposed to be maintained and renewed every 10 years. Also the green card holder would have to apply for a reentry permit which is valid only for 2 years before l (MORE)

Can a green card holder get marrrid in switzarland?

It all depends where the foreign national spouse lives inside or outside of the US. If the couple is not yet married and the foreign spouse is outside the US and wishes to get a marriage green card which in the US then you have to apply for a K-1 Fiance visa.

Can a green card holder get married in Switzerland?

A US citizen with a green card can get married to a Switzerland citizen if they have the proper documentation. To do so, you need to go to the office where all marriages are processed and they can tell you which documents specifically you will need.

Do green card holders need visa to visit to Peru?

You would need to apply for a visa at your local consulate, the process is different depending on whether you're traveling as a tourist or for business. For example, if you're visiting as a tourist, you would need your greencard, your round trip plane ticket or bookings to Peru, 1 passport photo, a (MORE)