You are a special person born with bird wings how do you use them?

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If I was born with bird wings, I would get them coated in a really light metal, probably titanium, and then I would fly around the world, stopping at my favorite destinations. Then when I got home, I would rent myself out as transportation for people who don't want to drive or walk. I would make a lot of money but I would probably become crippled from the strain flying with cargo would put on my back.
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What does a bird use its wings for?

Most birds use their wings for flight. Some of the flightless birds, or birds which do not fly much, may use their wings just for balance, especially when perching (e.g. chick

Do birds use their wings to swim?

most birds don't but the penguin does NekoChibi-chan: No, birds (as in ducks and geese) have very oily feather so they don't get wet. They use their legs to propel them thr

How do flightless birds use their wings?

Flightless birds may use their wings in any of the following ways: . Balance . Temperature control, e.g. cooling in hot weather and warmth in cold weather . Protection of