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You are having lower abdominal pain 10 days before period?

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This could be the result of implantation of a fertilized egg, or it could be ovulation pain. Take a pregnancy test to be certain.
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If my period usually lasts 5 days but just recently it only lasted 3 days and I have been having lower abdominal pain and I don't use birth control am I pregnant?

Lower abdominal pain is not normally a sign of pregnancy, neither is having a period (even a short one.) Some women do pass blood early in pregnancy, but it is usually due to

Why might I have a missed period and lower abdominal pain?

Is it possible that you could be pregnant? If so, take a pregnancy test because these could be pregnancy symptoms. Is it possible that you could have an STD/STI (sexually tran

You missed your periods by one day and you are having lower back pain that you usually have before periods you did pregnancy test today it was negative can you still be pregnant?

Yes, you can still be pregnant. Did you take the test in the morning, when hcg levels (found in pregnancy urine) are most detective. Also, some people get several neg.s before

Had sex before period and After period had lower abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain after sex is NOT a sign of pregnancy. Besides, there are NO symptoms immediately after sex even if you did get pregnant. Lastly, the lowest risk is just befor