You are in a flat UK and the bathroom ceiling is leaking through 2 screws holding your blind up you have spoken to your neighbor who advised that they have no leak is there another reason for this?

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If the blind is on a window then the leak could be coming from the window sill upstairs. Pipes also are run through the walls and your neighbor may not be aware of any leak. Contact your property landlord before more extensive damage is done.
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How do you fix it if you have a new caliper and it was leaking in the breeder screw?

It's called a "bleeder" valve 1st of all.The reason it's there is to bleed out the air and water that build up over time and even to bleed out old brake fluid from a car's system.It's always done if the brake system was ever opened,meaning changing a brake line,a caliber,a wheel cylinder in the case (MORE)

Where do you start to look for the cause of a bathroom leak when all you notice is a stain on the ceiling below and the bathtub has squeaked since the house was constructed?

Answer . The toilet closet flange is far more common as a source for a leak, but if the tub was not properly installed, the drain could be leaking. See if there is an access door behind the tub faucet and drain assembly. If anything is wet, it needs to be repaired. If the house is less than a yea (MORE)

What would be the reason why your shower drain would leak upstairs and cause a water stain on your ceiling?

Answer . \nA drain leak, a leaking shower pan, a leaking shower valve or piping, a leaking bezel or escutchions on the shower valve, bad or missing grout, bad caulking in the corners of the wall, a leaking shower door, water spilled on the floor, or, a drain pipe leak. any one or combination of (MORE)

How can you cover a leak spot on a white ceiling?

Use a good quality like a product called "Kilz" to seal the area that is stained. It may take two coats, but one usually works. The entire ceiling will then need to be painted so you don't end up with a white spot instead of a brown one. l use a spray can called'stain blocker' sprays on white and ca (MORE)

How do you fix cracks and leaking in the ceiling if your second floor bathroom had a leak from your toilet tank and it leaked through the ceiling down to your first floor?

Answer . \nhealthwise, you will soon have the problem of mold, probly black. They say the best way to cure this type of problem is to treat it like cancer. You will need to dry out all the wet areas with fans, heaters ect. then cut out all the drywall that got wet. remove insulation, and any oth (MORE)

What can be the cause for your downstairs neighbor's bathroom ceiling leak and could it be your fault from your tub but there is no actual leak in your apartment anywhere and it's an old building?

Answer . For the ceiling to be damaged there is a leak! As to who's fault it is that is the question. It is determined by who is responsible in your apartment for the upkeep of what is leaking. Some of the causes could be a leaking tile wall or tub surround, water leaking where the valve or spou (MORE)

Why is the swamp cooler leaking through the ceiling?

\n. \n Answer 1 \n. \nCheck the float valve, all connections, and for holes [leaks in the water reservoir].\n. \n. \n Answer 2, Additional input \n. \nAnother possibility is that the distribution tube[s] are poorly adjusted so that some water is sprayed through the netting, and/or the (MORE)

How do you fix a water leak from a second floor bathroom showing a big stain on the ceiling right below it?

Answer . \nI'm no plumber, so what i would do is locate the leak that will nornally involve taking up the floor boards check all pipes, they might just need tightening up. The ceilng below if it is really bad and has cracked it will need to be cut back and plaster boarded if it is just a water m (MORE)

If you have a leak in your ceiling under your bathtub where is the likeliest source of the leak?

Either the "P" trap (called that because it's shaped like the letter "P", laying down) or the valve assembly. You'll need to open the access panel to figure it out. If the builder included an access panel it will be on the the other side of the wall where the water valves are. If the builder didn't (MORE)

What can I do about my basement ceiling that became wet after my toilet leaked into my basement?

Answer . Possibly, you should cut a hole into the ceiling and let the remaining water out. If it all dries out (use fans or other ventilation), then you just need to repair the hole. Use kilz under the paint to cover the marks caused by the leakage. If the water was not clean, it might be bes (MORE)

Why is the pop-up valve in the bathroom sink leaking?

Pop-up valves may leak from four points: 1) the metal flange atop the pop-up valve, which seats within the ceramic opening of the sink; 2) the pop-up drain locking nut; 3) the pop-up actuator collar nut; and, 4) the P-trap compression fitting.. Metal Flange. With all else tight, leaks from the meta (MORE)

Bathroom sink leak?

Take apart the drain and clean it up. Fit new seal, drain to bowl and new seal from slip tube to drain tube.

How do you fix your bathroom faucet leak under the sink?

If the leak is coming from the threads turn off the water and put threadtape on the threads and tighten. If its plastic water lines then turn off the water cut the plastic line and replace the fittings and put a coupling in to join the cut end and the new piece of pipe together, also make sure the p (MORE)

What are the causes of ceiling leaks?

What is above your ceiling. Chances are it is a leaking pipe (probably a waste pipe-ick) or condensation from around your air ducts. Is this a house? Leaking on 1st level or a basement? Is it a "drop" ceiling?

How do you fix a leaking bathroom tap?

Repairing a dripping tap is generally a very simple job and one that anyone can do as long as they apply a little common sense. This guide covers replacing the washer in a fairly standard tap design, the pillar tap, and gives a little other advice as well. Mixer taps, where there are two taps, are a (MORE)

What is a reason a banshee leaks from the carburetor?

If you are referring to leaking out of one of the overflow hoses, your float is sticking.\n. \nIf it is leaking from the body of the carb, the gasket where the carb and float bowl bolt together needs to be replaced.

How do you hande a leaking ceiling?

Ceilings do not leak as there is no water The piping arrangement above the celinging or grouting may leak and come out through the ceiling

How do you stop a ceiling leak?

A ceiling leak is usually a ROOF leak, unless it is a water pipe running between floors. Stopping the leak on the ceiling will usually lead to further damage, because the water will collect in the space above. Dealing with the roofing is a matter that depends on the type of roof and the flaw which a (MORE)

Coolant leak caused by bleeding screw?

If there is a coolant leak that is caused by the bleeding screw,the screw is probably stripped and needs to be replaced. The screwcan also be wrapped with plumber's tape and screwed back in untilthe leak can be fixed.

Why is your ceiling leaking when you turn on your boiler?

Boiler . More information is needed is needed as to what exactly this boiler is and what connection it has to the ceiling. You are possibly referring to an in floor heating system or a hydronic heating system. We need more facts to get to a sensible answer.

Why is the Toilet tank empty Bowl empty and not filling up -No leak at the water value No sound No problem with bathroom faucet or shower faucet?

The fill valve in the tank is the type that has a round float the slides up and down on a shaft, it has a diaphragm in it that gets stiff or plugged and needs to be replaced. Turn the water off, in the tank, hold the bottom of the shaft so it doesn't break and turn the top part 1/8 th turn counte (MORE)

How do you clean up a leaking battery?

Simply mix some baking soda with water and pour over battery to neutralize the acid, and then simply wash off with a garden hose. If you want it super clean,,, one can use a scrub brush or something.

How do you stop a leak in bathroom sink temporary?

temporary? If your going to fix the leak, do it right by finding out whats leaking and then take that part to the hardware store and see if you can buy a new one. Most drain leaks on lav sinks are either the push/pull pop up strainer or the P-trap and its best to replace both if they are old. Most l (MORE)

Can renters insurance protect you if you have a leaking ceiling and it caves in?

Yes, your renters policy will pay for your damages, depending on the actual cause of the damage. If it was a leak that occurred over time and finally the ceiling fell in due to the water building up on the damaged sheetrock, then the landlord would be responsible for the damage due to a lack of main (MORE)

What can be the reasons for a metal gasket to leak?

Generally speaking, the reason why a metal gasket leaks is becausethe problems in the joint exceed the capabilities of the gasket.This can include improper surface finishes, foreign materialbetween the surfaces, erosion of the surfaces, and gaps between thesurfaces.

Why does water not leak through the earth?

I think you mean to ask, why don't ponds and lakes simply drain completely into the ground? In fact, water does "leak" into the earth via subterranean passageways called underground rivers. Also, water pressure plays a part at the bottom of any sizable body of water; this compacts the bottom surfa (MORE)

Does it cover roof the leaks and wet the ceil in home?

It just depends on why you have a roof leak. If your roof was damaged by a covered peril such as fire lightning etc. Then your Homeowners insurance would cover the damage. If your roof is old and worn out, it just needs to be replaced and would not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Roof (MORE)

How do you patch a leak on a flat roof?

There are good quality products out there now for flat roofs, the traditional bitumen felt doesn't last more than 15 or so years depends on weathering, it doesn't like full sun, as it cracks, thats why it has grit on it unfortunately that tends to go over the years, felt also can bubble too.