You are in a flat UK and the bathroom ceiling is leaking through 2 screws holding your blind up you have spoken to your neighbor who advised that they have no leak is there another reason for this?

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If the blind is on a window then the leak could be coming from the window sill upstairs. Pipes also are run through the walls and your neighbor may not be aware of any leak. Contact your property landlord before more extensive damage is done.
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How do you fix cracks and leaking in the ceiling if your second floor bathroom had a leak from your toilet tank and it leaked through the ceiling down to your first floor?

Answer . \nhealthwise, you will soon have the problem of mold, probly black. They say the best way to cure this type of problem is to treat it like cancer. You will need t

What can be the cause for your downstairs neighbor's bathroom ceiling leak and could it be your fault from your tub but there is no actual leak in your apartment anywhere and it's an old building?

Answer . For the ceiling to be damaged there is a leak! As to who's fault it is that is the question. It is determined by who is responsible in your apartment for the upke

Why is the swamp cooler leaking through the ceiling?

\n. \n Answer 1 \n. \nCheck the float valve, all connections, and for holes [leaks in the water reservoir].\n. \n. \n Answer 2, Additional input \n. \nAnother po

Why is the pop-up valve in the bathroom sink leaking?

Pop-up valves may leak from four points: 1) the metal flange atop the pop-up valve, which seats within the ceramic opening of the sink; 2) the pop-up drain locking nut; 3) the

Bathroom sink leak?

Take apart the drain and clean it up. Fit new seal, drain to bowl and new seal from slip tube to drain tube.

What are the causes of ceiling leaks?

What is above your ceiling. Chances are it is a leaking pipe (probably a waste pipe-ick) or condensation from around your air ducts. Is this a house? Leaking on 1st level or a

How do you stop a ceiling leak?

A ceiling leak is usually a ROOF leak, unless it is a water pipe running between floors. Stopping the leak on the ceiling will usually lead to further damage, because the wate