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You are six months pregnant and your baby is constantly kicking is that normal?

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I'm 7 months pregnant and as far as my doctor tells me, constant or almost constant movement is normal. We're up and moving around all day, why shouldn't the baby? You should see it start to decrease as your pregnancy progresses because the baby will be running out of room to move around, but even now (at 30 weeks) my baby is constantly kicking. Each fetus is different; some may move more than others and more activity in the womb may lead to a more active child once he/she is born.
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Is it normal for the baby to not be moving up in your stomach at six months?

From my experience, the baby may not move all the time, when I thought something was wrong I would lie on my bed and turn side to side then lay on my back and just lay there f

You got kicked out for six monthes when you had sex will you get kicked out again if your girlfriend got pregnant im 12 is it even legal?

In most parts of the world, parents cannot kick their kid out (legally, at least) But you probably live in the US, so things are different. First, make sure she is indeed

You are 7 months pregnant and your baby is always kicking is that normal?

Yup perfectly normal - Bub usually likes movement so when you are pottering about you are rocking them to sleep and they tend to move less. When you stop the ride is over and

Can a baby kick at three months?

of course but it feels just like a flutter to you and will get stronger over time. What you might think is the baby at this stage might not be but you will feel it soon enoug

Im 6 months pregnant and my baby has not move since last night is that normal?

It is nothing to worry about until you have movement on a regular basis and should keep track. If you notice a lack of movement, you should contact your doctor soon (don't pan

Is it normal for a pregnant women to feel her baby kicking and pushing in her vaginal area?

I'm 24 wks along with my second and can honestly say that I was wondering the same thing. It's a weird like almost air bubble flutter feeling. I've been feeling that for some
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What month does the baby boy kicks?

 Sometime between 16 and 22 weeks, you'll start to feel your baby  move.   *boys do not kick any more or less than girls do