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You are thinking about buying a Canon EF 200mm f2.8L II aunto focus telephoto lens and am wondering if it will fit on both your canon rebel k2 35mm and also your digital canon rebel XSi?

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Short answer,"yes." The Canon EF 200mmm lens is designed to fit a "full-frame" Canon EOS camera - film or digital. It will also fit all Canon DSLR's that have the smaller APS-size sensor, including all of the Digital Rebels.
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What are the features of the Canon Rebel XSi?

Features of Canon Rebel XSi . The Canon Rebel XSi features a 3-inch LCD monitor, Canon EOS, 12.2 MP Sensor (CMOs), and Image Processor Digic 3 with live view mode.

Does 35mm canon rebel lenses fit on canon digital camera?

The short answer is "Yes.". The long answer is: The 35mm Canon Rebel is a Canon EOS camera. All EOS cameras, including the 35mm Rebel, use Canon EF (auto focus) lenses. They

What external flash will fit a Canon Rebel XSi camera?

Any standard hot-shoe flash should fit the XSi, though check the flash sync voltage to be on the safe side. Using a Canon EX-series Speedlite will give you a variety of additi

Does 35mm canon rebel lenses fit on canon digital?

All of canon's EF-mount lenses will fit on all camera bodies in the Canon EOS system. Simply, if the lens says "EF" on it, then it will fit any Canon camera that says "EOS" on

Can you charge a canon rebel xsi with the usb?

no the camera is not able to be charged with the usb because the battery has a input on the camera but no output the battery needs to be in the wall charger
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Does the canon rebel lens fit canon 5d mark?

No, or maybe. You need to look at the lens. If the lens is EF-S then it will not fit. If the lens is EF then it will fit. rebel can use all EF and EF-S lenses. 5d can only