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You can not teach an old dog new tricks?

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this means that an "old dog" is someone who is used to the older fashioned views and ways of people and would not accept newer ideas or understand newer concepts as easily as someone born in a generation with these advances
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How do you teach your 15month old dog to track for schutzhund?

  TRACKING THEORY   Almost every dog can learn tracking, when the correct method is used.   A Schutzhund competition is usually won (or lost) already in the first e

Why does your old dog hate your new dog?

    Your old dog is probably jealous of your new dog. Your new dog is probably getting a lot of attention and without realizing it, you could start to ignore your old

What trick should you teach a dog after sit?

Usually people teach their dogs how to 'stay' after they learn to 'sit' then after that most people teach their dogs how to 'lay down' and so forth.

How do you teach old dog new tricks?

  Teaching an old dog tricks is gonna be a hard job definatley !   Well it is possible however I have 2 aslakan Malamutes that are both show dogs and our quite old....

How do you teach your pig to do tricks?

SIT) You get a treat and hover the treat above it's eyes in a still motion. Don't hold the treat to high or the pig will jump for it, once your pig has it's butt completely on

How do you you introduce the old dog to the new dog?

  put them together in the sme room and be very vigilant. watch for any aggressive signs and if so then pull them apart immediatley. But if it doen't occur then your dog g

What does the saying 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks' mean?

It means that it is hard for someone who has been doing something one way for a long time to do it a new way. Like someone who writes right handed try to write left handed.

Where are the skaters at that will teach new tricks in Pokemon X and Y?

Here's the list with all the roller skates tricks in Pokémon X and  Y as well the location of the respective skaters that teach you  them:     Backflip - By a tree

Is it true you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?

It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! If you adopt an adult or even a senior dog, you may be amazed at their ability to concentrate and learn new things. Adul

Can you teach tricks to a turtle?

well it is possible but you have to train it as soon as it i 1 year old. ther is one trick that i thought my turtle and it is two words that will make the turtle hide in his s

How can you get a new dog to get along with an old dog?

It all depends. You need to make sure that you give each dog an equal amount of fuss and affection. If you concentrate all your time on the new dog then the old dog can feel j

How do you introduce a new dog to an old dog?

Well, there are multiple ways to introduce a young dog to another old dog. One is, when you bring the puppy in the house, go in a room. Close the door. Then hold the puppy nex