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You drank a big cup of raspberry and you started having contractions 5 min apart but it didn't change your cervix what can you do to get your cervix to change?

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It is possible that your cervix will never dilate and therefore you need to have a c-section.
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What does it mean if your pap smear finds changes in your cervix cells?

Answer   It could mean many things, most likely it will go away on its own but you will need to have a pap every six months to keep an eye on it. If its at a higher level

How big is your cervix?

The size of the cervix varies on every woman. Typically the cervix protrudes into the vaginal vault no more than 3cm wide by 2.5cm long and will have the appearance of a bump

What is cervixitis?

  Any word ending in ~itis indicates an inflammation, possibly due to injury or infection. Cervicitis is an inflammation of the cervix.

What is the cervix for?

Basically the cervix is a passage way connecting the vagina and the  uterus of the females. It is the junction in which the uterus and  all inside it is protected from the i

Can you get pregnant while having cyst on your cervix?

Don't give up hope, You can still fall pregnant with cysts on the cervix. however in some cases you may find it difficult to conceive even if only the smallest thing is wrong.