You feel that if you do not join the marines you will not be honoring the marines that came before you and you feel that you HAVE to join in order to show respect is this a bad reason to join?

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Yes. Join the Marines because you want to. If you do not want to join for your own reasons, no one else's reasons are valid. You do not have to live up to anything, certainly not anything others have done. Be your own person. There are better ways to honor the Marines than joining without a passion for it. Work for veterans' rights, for example, and to protect the helpless, to defend the cause of justice. Anyone can follow orders to shoot and drop bombs on people. It takes a hero to work for peace.
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Why did you join the Marines?

Answer . I joined the marine corps because i wanted honor, action, training, and the discipline that has been going on for hundreds of years . ANSWER. I joined the Marines because I wanted to join the best fighting force in the United States. This was during the Vietnam War and I wanted the be (MORE)

Who can join the marines?

Anyone can join pretty much. The age requirement is 18 or 17 with parental permission. You must be a High School Graduate. A legal U.S. Citizen obviously. And you can not be legally blind. Obviously if you have bad vision It wouldn't be the best idea to put yourself in the field of battle if you can (MORE)

How do you join the Marines?

Once you reach the age (17 is the lowest age you can join) you will have to go to a recruiting agency and enlist

Should you join the marines?

It's up to you. You can join thinking about the fact you're risking your life for a problem you didn't start, or you can think I'm helping my country and God can reward me for choosing my life to a great cause. In my opinion you shouldn't join, but like I said it's up to you.

Why did Carlos hathcock join the marines?

It is my understanding, Per the book "93 confirmed kills" that Gunny Sgt Hathcock started as a young child hunting (shooting) to put food on the table for his family. In the era he grew up in the times were tough and jobs were lean. His father had served in WW II and brought back a German mauser and (MORE)

How old to be to join marines?

You must be atleast 17 and you will have to sign some papers and enlist, if you do not go to college you can not be an officer but you can enroll as enlisted which is your regular solider

Can you join the marines with depression?

It is probably not the best decision to have such a high stress occupation such as the Marine Corps if you have depression. You would have to ask a recruiter to get a definite yes/no answer.

Can you join the us marines at 16?

No, you cannot.. To enlish in the USMC, you must be at least 17 years old and have either a high school diploma or a GED and 15 college credits.. For more in depth answers and advice, talk to your local recruiter. (This can be found on

Which should you join Army or Marines?

Army is easier to join. Marines don't accept everyone. Both have tough training but the Marines are tougher on you. After you serve in the Army people are impressed but after you've been a Marine people are really impressed. Just something to think about. You should also think about what type of (MORE)

Is it good to join the marine corps?

It seems to be the most life-changing of the US Military branches. The support and inter-dependence of one Marine for another is truly awe inspiring.. If you want a career or a life, it may be the right choice. If you are looking more for a 'job' then other services would be a better fit with the s (MORE)

How can you join the marines?

google USMC or united states marine corps and their site is first on the list. click it and when you get there, there should be a link for enlisting

Can you join the marines with scoliosis?

im not really sure. it depends if you have the spinal fushion operation. if you have this operation you cannot join the army or marines. if your curvature is small and you pass the health check im pretty sure you can join as long as your scoliosis causes you no problems

When did Alex Rodriguez join the mariners?

He was drafted by the Mariners in the first round of the '93 season. He then made his first ML Start in '94.. But that was the strike year so that was it. So to answer your question 1993-1994 was the years he "joined" them.. Then he signed with the Rangers, and was traded to the Yankees

How can you join the marines when you graduate what do you do?

Go to a marine recruiter and tell him you want to join....hell, he'll have you out the next day, mine did.....just sign, baby.. ...and if you can't find it, just google 'marine recruiter' and put your zip code in. Trust me, they'll make it easy for you.

Where do you stay if you join the marine corps?

It will depend on where the Marine is stationed. Typically they will be in a barracks on a Marine base. They may be in a berthing compartment onboard a ship. In some locations they may have to find their own housing.

What do you need to join the US Marines?

Contact a local Marine Corps recruiter. You can also check out the military recruiting web site at You need to be a high school graduate. Also, take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test with a minimum score of 32 on it. Most US high schools offer this test to (MORE)

What is the need to join the Marines?

No need exists. For some who have joined it was an impulsive moment. Judges were helpful at times by providing the Corps as an alternative to long term incarceration. Thousands became Marines either to avoid the draft or were drafted into the Marine Corps. Some had special skills and were actively e (MORE)

How can i join US marine?

Visit your local Marine recruiter. They will provide you with the information required. If you have a high school diploma or equivalency and have a fairly clean criminal record, they will be happy to talk with you..

Can an swede join the marines?

Yes, provided they meet certain criteria. When I enlisted, foreign nationals had to have established permanent residence in the United States, and have declared an intent to obtain US citizenship. It may or may not have changed since then.

Can you join the marines with a felony on you record?

No. You will need to obtain a pardon from your state governor to be eligible for service in the Armed Forces. Keep in mind that a pardon does not erase your crime; it indicates forgiveness. Pardons are typically difficult to obtain, and there are many factors that determine if you will get your pard (MORE)

Can a hispanic join the marines?

Yes. If the person in question is not a US citizen, they must possess a Resident Alien ID card (more often referred to as a "green card"), and declare an intent to obtain US citizenship. Previously, the cap for foreign volunteers in the US military was eight years of service, but that has recently b (MORE)

Do you have to wait to join the army if your a marine?

You'd have to wait until the end of your current enlisted, if you're currently enlisted in the Marine Corps on active duty. If you wish to go from the Marine Corps Reserve into the Regular Army, that can be done, though.

If you are on probation can you join the Marine Corps?

You can't join any branch of the military if you are on probation. You can probably join after you're off probation, depending on what got you on probation in the first place. If it was drug or gang related, don't even count on joining the Corps, they don't put up with that sort of thing. If it was (MORE)

What you need to join the Marines?

A High School Diploma, decent physical condition, a clean record, good health and lots of will power. You also have to have a score of at least 32 on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery).

Can you join army with an re4 from marines?

I want to know the same thing im getting an OTH with a re code 4 but i was told it is possible to go into the army with a waiver? The corps screwed me hard and made me admit to something i didnt do and they had no proof of, but i still want to serve is there a chance?

Can you JOIN the marines with hSV 1?

Yes, you can still join the Marines. As long as you don't get visible sores on face (oral herpes) when entering, so if it is genital you should be okay unless you get excessive outbreaks and can not perform your duty and are affected by it physically and mentally. You have to pass a three mile physi (MORE)

How do I persuade my brother not to join the Marines?

That's a good question. I believe that if your brother has made up his mind that he is going into the Marine Corps there is little that you can do to change his mind. All that you can do is support him in his decision. Be positive about it and hope for the best.

Can royal marines join sas?

Yes they can, the're more likley to join the SBS (special boat service) but the SAS invite people in the navy, air force and marines to join the SAS

Where can you go to join the US Marines?

People interested in joining the Marines can visit their local recruitment office or request information online to be sent to their homes. Representatives from the Armed Forces also frequent local job and school fairs and interested people can receive information by attending them as well.