You forgot your pin password on a mobile sim can you recover it?

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How can you recover your password if you forgot it?

When your computer first starts up and you see the logo hit the F8key. It will bring you to a menu where you use the arrow keys toselect safe mode. Your computer will go to the normal log-in page,but you will see a the administrator user and you log-in as theadministrator. Then you open the start me (MORE)

If you have changed administrator password in windows xp and forgot it how can you recover?

I suggest you try hard to remember your windows passwords, and try them a few times. If this still doesn't word, You have only two ways to solve this problem. Reinstall Windows or reset the old password with windows password reset tool. I do not recommend you to reinstall Windows, which may lead a d (MORE)

How do you recover password?

If you had lost your PST password then no need to worry use PSTpassword recovery software. It is designed with advanced technologyand help you to Recover PST Password fromOutlook. It supports all the Outlook versions and isuser-friendly software.

How do you recover passwords?

---"HOTMAIL"- a name which is most natural inthe digital world, today it is certify as the world's most lovedweb mail. For any problem call On HOTMAIL customer support phonenumber where users can call and get right support but we aresharing here HOTMAIL customer service helpline contact number andot (MORE)

How do you unlock your laptop if you forgot your password?

The best thing to do, if you are good at computers and are able to do this, would be to perform a password recovery. If you are not very good at computers, you would need to take your computer to a computer maintenance and repair shop, or local tech support facility, and have them perform the passwo (MORE)

Forgot ipod touch password?

Hi, If you enter wrong Password more 6 time then you will beblocked.You can delete all Data and settings i help choose a way toerase First if you have synced with iTunes then connect your device tothe computer you synced with second open iTunes.if asked password,try another computer you have synced (MORE)

You forgot the password of folder lock how do you recover your files?

1) you just download Folder Lock Password Cracker from this link below: 2)Extract the zip archive. 3)Run the file Folder Lock Password Cracker- Final.exe. 4) Follow on screen instructions properly. 5)your password will be (MORE)

You are forgot your tally5.4 passward How I can recover it?

if i forget my password to open tally 5.4. or in accounts info. voucher types. what is the use of prefix detail and sufix detail option. if i forget my password to open tally 5.4. or in accounts info. voucher types. what is the use of prefix detail and sufix detail option

You forgot your password then what to do?

1st Method: The first thing which you check if you forget login password. When we install Windows, it automatically creates an account "Administrator" and sets its password to blank. So if you have forget your user account password then try this: Start system and when you see Windows Welcome scr (MORE)

How can you recover your password?

There are a few ways to recover a lost Windows XP password. If you have more than one account on your computer, you can reset the password using the command line utility "net user". For example, if the account name is Ryan and you wanted to change the password to "password", you would click Start (MORE)

I am lock my mobile and forgot my password so how i cancel my password lock?

This is only if you want to reset the lock password call from your cell Phone *228, press SEND, listen and when it ask you to select, press number 1. give it a few Min's till it reset the password most likely when the music stops check you gone it will say unlocked the password should be reset too t (MORE)

Where can you get a password if you forgot your password?

Click forgot password or look at the hint. You can reset a lost Windows password with 4 methods below: 1. Another valid administrator account which can normally log on. 2. A password reset disk or a repair disc. 3. Third-party software to create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB, lik (MORE)

You forgot your mobile no how to find?

Call it, you will be able to hear it ring if it is in the house and if you left it somewhere when you were out hopefully someone who has found it will answer it and be honest and arrange for you to come and get it.

What to do if you forgot password of mobile memory card?

follow the steps: 1.insert your micro sd card in Nokia N73 model or in Nokia N95 model. 2.format the memory card with "format memory card" option. it will never ask u for a password. 3. now enjoy ,'coz ur password is unlock . tips- remember next time to set your own password before you g (MORE)

What to do if I forgot my password to my iPod nano?

This happened to me just yesterday - and what worked for me if you connect it to your computer, make sure it's connected, then disconnect it. Hopefully it will then be unlocked (it worked for me, as I said). This is the only way I know how... probably the easiest way if it works!

How do you unlock your phone if you forgot the password?

Take it to a corporate store for whatever cell provider you have, and they can flash it and you can reset pw. Another way is if it will let you reprogram while locked. A lot of phones will let you. It is different for every carrier. For Verizon Wireless *228 will reprogram a phone, if the phone wil (MORE)

How do you get on your ipod touch if you forgot your password?

I know how to get into your Ipod Touch if you forgot your password or because it won't open. Here's how. . 1st Plug in your Ipod touch into the computer you hold the power and home button for ten seconds . Then (ONLY) let go of the power button and hold the home button 8 to 10 more seconds then (MORE)

What to do if forgot laptop password?

A: USB password reset disk If you have created a USB windows password crack disk before, just use the following tip to crack your laptop password. Step 1: When entering a wrong password, it will show you the Password hint and you can reset password. Click "Reset password"…… it will (MORE)

How do you unlock your ipod if you forgot its password?

It is very simple to do when you have these instructions! plug your iPod/iPhone in to your computer thru the usb itunes 3.on the left hand side there is a side that should have the name of your iPod on it on it and find the restore button click it will restore settings suc (MORE)