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You had unprotected sex 4 times 2 days before your period got your period and it stopped after 3 days can you be pregnant?

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No, you wont because the periods are there to prepare the uterus for the reception of fertilized ovum. the start as a result of the breakdown of the previous ovum which was not fertilized. after ovulation the ovum survives for 2 days unless it is fertilized by sperm. it then breaks down, this cause a hormonal response that leads to the periods starting up again. this happens to clean out the old lining on the uterus and normally lasts from 3 to 7 days. after this a fresh lining is built up on the uterus a new ovum is released an if it is not fertilized the whole thing starts again. By the time you are within 2 days of your normal period starting ther is no live ovum to fertilize.
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You had unprotected sex a day before your period and you got your period are you pregnant?

Answer If you got your period, it is unlikely that you are pregnant Answer It is possible to become pregnant at any point in your menstruation cycle if you are not using a fo