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You had your last Depo Shot in July of 2006 and its now February 2007 you feel you are having pregnancy symptoms If its not pregnancy what else could it be?

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Depo Provera will cause most women to stop having periods if on it for an extended period of time. After discontinuing it, many women will take some time before they resume ovulation and/or menstruation. Freuently it may take 6-12 months before things return to normal. I am not aware of any relationship to ovarian cysts and Depo Provera. As you begin to ovulate, small cysts will develop on your ovaries, these are called follicles which will rupture when they reach approx. 2cm. in diameter and release the egg. 99% of cysts less than 5 cm. in diameter in women under 30 are benign and will resolve without treatment in one cycle, if they are larger than 5 cm. or do not resolve then they need further evaluation.
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What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you are on Depo-Provera?

If you mean what are some similarities in side affects of the depo and being pregnant some of them are: breast tenderness, no periods or less bleeding, weight gain or loss, na

Can you get a depo shot to abort pregnancy?

No. depo does not cause an abortion\n. \nif you need an abortion, go to an abortion provider ASAP. you can get a "pill abortion" NOT to be confused with Emergency Contracepti

About a month ago I stopped taking the depo shot Just recently I started having pregnancy symptoms I have had sex Could this be because of the change of hormones since I have discontinued the shot?

  That is a possibility. Both menstruation and pregnancy are regulated by hormones, and especially since you are still recovering from using the shot. But since you are ha
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You took clomid for 5 day on July 24 2009 and you were having pregnancy symptoms but now its around the time that you normally come on your period and you are cramping could you still be pregnant?

Maybe. I took that stuff in the 80's and the cramping happened with me too, but I never got pregnant. How long have you been taking it? I found out after going on it that it s

Can the depo shot cause pregnancy symptoms-?

The Depo anti pregnancy shot may cause several pregnancy symptoms.  One of these is a lightened or completely removed menstrual cycle,  this is because Depo tricks the body