You have an ipod 3rdG nano and an iPod Shuffle how do you sync from the same itunes library?

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Simple just plug them both into the same computer and click snyc
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How do you take song from an iPod shuffle and move them to an iPod nano?

Answer . You would have to put the song on itunes. then you can put it on your ipod.. Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs:. open my computer, file e: (when ipod is plugged in), go up to TOOLS, Folder options, View, and click on show hidden items (apple hides and scrambles your s (MORE)

How do you download from an iPod Nano to iTunes?

Answer . You cant take music from your iPod and put it on a computer. Its a one way street. You can only send stuff from your computer to the iPod. That is done with the USP cable that comes with the iPod.

Is the iPod shuffle as good as the iPod nano?

No. It doesn't have as much memory and you can't see the song titles to be able to choose which one you want to play.. And you can't play games, view photos and watch videos, nano has more extras.

How do you sync music from iTunes to iPod?

go to itunes, and then on the left side, your ipods name should show up, then click on it, and when you click on it, on the bottom left, you should see something that says sync. click on it, and it should sync your ipod.

How do you sync music from iTunes to your ipod?

i believe you go under devices, click the device that you have then go under music all your music will have checks by the songs and artists. if not check the ones you want on your ipod then when your done press sync

Do you have to use iTunes to sync your iPod?

Yes, because iTunes is the program that runs with your iPod, so it would make sense that they would go together. iTunes is also easy to use, and works well with your iPod, so its a good program to have if you have your iPod. They were meant to go together.

How do you sync songs from iTunes to your iPod?

First, connect your iPod to your computer using the USB cord that comes with your iPod. After plugging you iPod into your computer, iTunes should open automatically, unless you have changed your settings. There will be information about your iPod that will pop up and there will be an option to sync (MORE)

Which iPod Ad has Jert it out by The Caesars iPod nano iPod shuffle iPod touch?

I would rather have a nano . I'd rather have a nano because its better and it doesn't have a hard drive like a touch does (if you drop an Ipod touch there's a high risk of it braking). if you were to have a shuffle its too small and easyer to lose. i don't like the shuffle because it cant play v (MORE)

How do you sync music from iPod to iTunes?

I had trouble with this, too. It's pretty simple. All you do is open iTunes, (make sure your iPod is plugged into your computer) click File and near the bottom of the list, it says "Transfer purchased music from iPod". Just click on that, and your done! (except for the waiting part...)

How do you download iTunes on a iPod nano?

Add them to your iTunes software library (on your computer) , then when your iPod nano is connected via the cable you can drag them to your iPod Library .. You add them to the iTunes software library either by downloading them from the iTunes store or if they already exist on your computer, go to (MORE)

How Can you sync multiple ipods to same library?

1. Sync your first ipod to the library. 2. unplug it. 3. Sync your second ipod to the library. 4. unplug it. WARNING! If you already have music on either one of your ipods from a different library and you plug it in, all the previous music will be earased.

How do you sync ipods to iTunes?

you get a cord and plug it into to the USB port and itunes will pop up and you drag songs to the the little side bar that pops up on the side of the screen.

Why won't my iPod Touch applications sync from Itunes to my iPod?

In your iTunes, make sure that when you plug in your iPod, it isbeing read by your iTunes. From there, go and click on your iPod's name. When it pops up, itshould be on the left side of the iTunes library. Once you've done that, click on the applications, and it shouldshow all of the apps that you (MORE)

What came first the iPod shuffle or the iPod nano?

iPod Shuffle was released First The iPod Shuffle was released first I work in an Apple Store in California, the iPod Shuffle was released on January 11, 2005 at Macworld by Steve Jobs, and the iPod Nano was released February 23, 2005 (as a replacement for the Mini)

How do you register your iPod nano in iTunes?

All you have to do to have your ipod onto itunes is you plug it into your computer. you need to wait till it shows and name it in itunes if you are talking about adding an account to itunes, then you open itunes, then click itunes store then on the right hand corner it should say sign in. it should (MORE)

How do sync music in iPod Nano?

Plug your ipod into your computer with the connection cord that comes with it, then wait till it says on your computer screen: "iPod Sync Complete, OK to disconnect". Somewhere in the process, it will say on your iPod screen "Syncing" and you will not disconnect your iPod attachment cord leading to (MORE)

Why won't my iTunes sync with my iPod?

Syncing depends on several things. This is for Mac: 1. The iPod battery needs to be charged. Let it charge for a while if it ran down. 2. Both iTunes and the iPod need to be running the latest software. Update both, especially if you have reset the iPod, which defaults to the on-board software. (MORE)

Does the ipod nano 5g shake shuffle?

YES it can! all you have to do is go to "shuffle songs" and it will choose a random song then all you do is give it a good shake and it will make this "beeping noise" and it changes song.

How do you sync your song to your iPod in iTunes?

When your ipod in the computer it usually does it for you automatically, but if it doesn't then just go to devices section by where your purchased songs section is. Then afer you click on Alexa's ipod or whatever your name is. Then in the bottom right corner of the page it will say sync then you c (MORE)

Can you use iTunes on an ipod nano?

Yes. From 1st generation to 5th generation. The 3rd - 5th generations can play videos and click wheel games, along with music. Sadley, apps do not work with them.

How can you sync photos to your iPod nano?

so i have no clue whatsoever but i tried looking up the answer but it gives nothing reasonable sorry for the inconveieniece i coulnt find your answer mabyee someone else can thanks anywayyss.....

How do you get a iPod touch to sync with iTunes?

Plug the USB connector, which comes with your iPod when purchased, into your iPod Touch and into a USB port on your computer. iTunes may open automatically when you plug your iPod Touch in, if not, find and open iTunes. When iTunes has been opened it will automatically recognise that your iPod Touch (MORE)

How do you sync an iPod Shuffle to a computer?

Use the included cord that you received when you purchased the ipod, plug the fat end into the computer, then plug the thin end, or the wide end into the Ipod, then open itunes, and your Ipod should automatically sync. Have fun!

How do you sync music from computer to iPod shuffle?

Plug it in your computer using the USB provided Open iTunes It should come up saying syncing or if it is your first time it will ask you to register it Apply the music you want using your iTunes library and it will sync automatically

What came first iPod shuffle or nano?

The first iPod Shuffle was released on January 11, 2005. The first iPod Nano was released on September 7, 2005, which means the iPod Shuffle was released first.