You have completed Marine Basic Training Do you have to complete army as well to re enlist in the army?

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No, you do not. The Marines is the only branch of Service that the US Army accepts people without going through any form of introduction training.
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How do you enlist for the army?

It depends which country you live in and where you have citizenship. But if you're a US citizen, residing in the US, you can get a lot of information about enlisting in the army...and even apply online at

Is swimming part of Army basic training?

Being that the US Army is a land based combat element there is no need for swimming in Basic Combat Training, with the Marines they have to go through swim training mainly in part because they are Department of the Navy and they can be stationed on a ship with there counterparts in the Navy.

If you have 4 dependents you want to enlist in the Marines but can only do reserves not too good of pay can you join the army for a few years and re enlist in the Marine?

It is COMMON for men to serve their time in one branch and then when their time expires to enlist into another branch of service. It ALL adds up to 20 years of service for pension purposes. However, it often does not allow higher or equivalent rank in the next service...sometimes there is a minor do (MORE)

Enlist in the army?

Steady dependable pay; retire after only 20 years. NO JOB IN THE USA OFFERS THAT!

Is army basic training hard?

The basic training in the army is not hard but requires endurance.This is aimed at shaping all aspects of a soldier in the Army.

Do you get you cell phone in basic training in the army?

No, if you report for boot camp with your cell phone, it will be confiscated during contraband turn in at the welcome center. It actually really depends on your drill instructors. Some of them reward their platoon with cell phone use on Sundays usually for an hour, but it really depends on your D (MORE)

Can you re-enlist in the army after a entry level separtion?

Depends on what the Separation (SEP) code and Re-Entry (RE) code is on your DD form 214. As well there is a time limit restriction for each code and you will have to show some type of proof that the issue or problem no longer exists. Ask a local recruiter to determine your reentry eligibility.

Who has better training the marines or the army?

Marine boot camp - 12 weeks. Army boot - 8 weeks. Marines are generally known to be more strict and disciplined while the army has greater numbers.......of course it depends on if you ask an army cat or marine. I was both, and the Marines train all the time and are EXTREMELY strict on physical fit (MORE)

Where does the army do basic training?

The U.S. Army does basic training in 5 bases. Fort Benning, Georgia- Infantry. Fort Jackson, South Carolina - 80% of females are sent here. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri- Engineering, Chemical Warfare, Military Police. Fort Sill, Oklahoma- Artillery. Fort Knox, Kentucky- Armor. For more informat (MORE)

What do you do during army basic training?

Recruits arrive for general orientation and are given haircuts and issued Army uniforms. . Basic Tactical training begins followed by Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense, Landmine Defense and rappelling at the confidence tower. . Recruits learn about Army heritage and the Seven Army Core Value (MORE)

Is army ranger training tougher than marine basic training?

Yes. The Army Ranger's RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) is much harder than USMC Basic Combat Training. The final phase of RIP is spent near Fort Eglin, Florida, and involves a night time air drop into the swamps of Florida. - - - - - There are actually two "Ranger Training" schools, and both (MORE)

Where are is army basic training units?

Locations for US Army BCT (Basic Combat Training) are: . Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri . Ft Jackson, South Carolina . Ft Knox, Kentucky . Ft Sill, Oklahoma . Ft Benning, Georgia

What comes after basic training in the us army?

There are a couple of answers to this. Most soldiers will go straight to Advanced Individual Training, where they learn the skills needed to do the job they enlisted for. If you joined an MOS that requires language training, you do that before AIT. The installation you go to is the Presidio of (MORE)

You have completed Marine Basic Training do you need to complete Army BT to Reenlist?

Marines don't go through Basic Training - they go through Boot Camp. The Army does accept prior service enlistees without requiring them to go through Basic Combat Training. However, one may be required to attend BCT if their break in service exceeds a certain period of time. Additionally, they may (MORE)

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Can you be flagged for not completing an NCOER as a Rater in the Army?

Technically you can be flagged for not completing an NCOER as a Rater, if you are an NCO in the US Army and have other NCO's under you it is your responsibility to conduct the proper measures to ensure your junior NCO's have the same opportunities for potential success in the Army as you have had. T (MORE)

Can an dishonorable discharge ex army re enlist?

No. You might be able to get waivered in to another branch, but even that's a bit unlikely. While the different branches all have different reentry codes, an RE-4 is undesirable to all of them.

If I do Army OCS and pass Basic training but wash out of OCS school am I still required to serve as an enlisted soldier?

Yes. While officers are the pampered few, and may leave military service pretty much any time they choose by "resigning" their commission, washing out of OCS does not raise you to the ranks of officer. Therefore, being a grunt like the vast majority of those who serve, you have a contract. That cont (MORE)

Is an Army bar from re enlistment permanent?

I imagine it could be, but most bars from favourable action I've seen were relinquished once the reason for them being put into place was alleviated. For example, someone flagged and barred for PT test failure would have them removed once they improved their PT test scores.

What is basic training for the army like?

It varies among the different training sites. Typically it consists of Red Phase, White Phase, and Blue Phase. Each phase is about 3 weeks long and each phase has different priorities for training as well as the level of treatment from the Drill Sergeants. In the first phase you'll find yourself (MORE)

How do you pass army basic training?

Do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told. . Do not deviate from orders. . Do not get creative in following orders. . Be heard, not seen. . Keep your head down, and your feet moving. . Most of all, keep your eyes and ears open and remember what you are told. It might save your l (MORE)

How long is the US Army basic training?

BCT (Basic Combat Training), also referred to as Basic Training or Boot Camp, last for nine weeks. After basic you will move on to job training/AIT (advanced individual training)

Is the new zealand army well trained?

The NZ army is a small army that trains along the conventional form of warfare but with a natural tendency for unconventional warfare. This is due to it's heritage and history from the Maori wars though to the bush rangers. The training provided for the individual soldier in the NZ Army surpass ma (MORE)

What is the hardest thing in Army basic training?

It really depends on what each person's individual weaknesses are. If you're in shape when you report in, physical training won't be as difficult as it is for someone who isn't in shape when they report in. Some people have to adjust to handling higher stress situations and decision making, whereas (MORE)

Why did sherman and his army completely devastate the land?

Under the leadership of US General Grant, General Sherman's taskwas to end the Civil War as quickly as possible. Sherman's march tothe sea had two major purposes: A. Destroy all Confederate assets that could be used against theUnion; B. This included railways and supply depots;and C. Demoralize the (MORE)

How do you print army ssd certificate of completion?

Soldiers can access their SSD2 certificates through ATRRS bygoing to the ATRRS website: . 1. Once logged in you will click on View ATRRS Training Recordunder user tools on the upper left. . 2. Look for your SSD2 course 1-250-C49-2 (DL) and click on thecertificate link. . If you receive an error o (MORE)

Where can one do basic British army training?

Training is a vital part of any soldier's and officer's professional career. This can take place at several different venues, including Catterick in North Yorkshire and in Winchester.

Is there an Army Basic Training post in Alaska?

No, the only Army Basic Training posts are Fort Jackson located onColumbus South Carolina, Fort Knox in Louisville Kentucky, FortLeonard Wood in Waynesville Missouri, Fort Sill in Lawton Oklahoma,and Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia.