You have no syntoms that you know of your breast are not sore you have been on clomid for four months for the past two months your period was on time now you are 10 days late you took a pregnancy test?

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what did the test say?
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Could you be pregnant if you haven't had a period for two months but you have had brown discharge for the past few weeks and you took a pregnancy blood test that was negative?

Answer . \nYes! Some women have a brownish pink discharge or slight bleeding with implantation. After conception takes place, the embryo then makes it way down to your uterus, where it starts implanting. This process from conception to implantation can take from 6-12 days. This is where the (MORE)

What could be wrong if you have not had your period in 6 months but the past two months you have had brown spotting for about 3 days and all tests have been negative?

Answer . \nI do know that the best thing you could do, is get yourself off to a gynae. A blood test for starters will clear any questions of pregnancy, although I think you might have noticed some oher signs of that by now.\n. \nThere are many conditions that affect your period, such as Poly-cys (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you have sore breasts and fatigue and a metallic taste in your mouth and your period is late but a home pregnancy test done 3 days past your missed period was negative?

It sounds as though you might be. Sometimes the hormone level does not get high enough to register until a few days after a missed period. It took two weeks for me. Happily I had a positive test on my birthday. Answer so you didnt get a positive until 2 weeks past your missed period? and did you (MORE)

Your husband and you have been trying to conceive a child for the past 10 months you are 4 days late on your period you took a preg test from the general one of the 1 ones and it said neg am I preg?

Answer . \nTry for a year, instead of focusing in getting pregnant,try having fun, enjoy it,be playful and creative.\nsurprise eachother, dont think about pleasing the other tell him loud what you like him to do,and how to do it.\nyou said 10 months 4 days,you forgot to mention hours and minutes (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you had an early light period then the next month had a late normal period and now have sore breasts with a negative pregnancy test and you are on birth control?

Answer . Hi,\n. \nNo you are not pregnant hun. Your period was like this because Birth Control Pill is adjusting to your body. This can cause light and late periods. If your period is late again next month and doesn't arrive during the 7 day break when your taking the non-active pills, then see (MORE)

If I had a tubal ligation 9 months ago and now my period is 9 days late pregnancy test is negative Is this normal?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nWhen I got my tubes tied my doc warned me about getting tubal pregnancies. You might want to check it out. It could just be the fact that you got your tubes tied. My periods haven't been the same since I got mine tied.\n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \nyes, i had my tuba (MORE)

Could you be pregnant if you are a month late for your period but you took a home pregnancy test and it was negative but you nipples are sore and sensitive?


If you are constipated and breasts are sore and itchy and you are eleven days late went to doc two days ago took a pregnancy test but it came out negative could you still be pregnant?

Answer . The doctors test are really accurate so if it said negative I would say your not but stranger things have happened. Did you change your diet lately, have you had alot of stress lately, did you change any medications you have been on. Any significant change can trigger other bodily change (MORE)

My churms were supposed to be on 2nd this month but i got them 10 days late thought it would probably be pregnancy but my breasts were sore had morning sickness but only thing was neg tests help me?

ok i would take another test and use first morning urine there could of been a chance there was a mistake, your symptoms can be caused by many things other than pregnancy so don't pin it down quite yet and stress can delay periods, that iis what i am assuming you meant by churms, if the test turns o (MORE)

Twice in the past 10 months your period was late when it arrived you had fleshy clot pregnancy tests were negative what happened?

im not a doctor but the term you used was FLESHY clot ! it verry well may have been a misscarrige , a similar situation happened to me , i was late for about a month an a half then i had bad cramps an heavy bleedin witch was not the norm for me i useually have a light flow so i went to my doctors th (MORE)

I had your period on the 19th of may and my breasts have been sore for the past few days half a month after my period.I had no unprotected sex after my period.What does this mean?

If you have just changed birth control or something this could be due to an influx or change in hormone levels. If you are not and you are a little on the young side, I would think that you may just be growing a little bit.. In all honesty, I have periods of breast tenderness as well that do not co (MORE)

Your period is 2 weeks late took a pregnancy test after it was 2 days late came back pos Took another test next day and it came out neg you have no symptoms until today sore breasts?

False neg is easy early on, if you really want to be sure get a blood test at planned parenthood or doctor's office or wherever you're most comfortable doing so. You'll know within a day. Sounds like you're pregnant though, don't be surprised. Abortion? Adoption? Keep it? Figure it out, depends o (MORE)

Do antiobiotics effect you period i was taking antibiotics for a uti 10 days i did not get my period yet in a month. i took two pregnancy test both said nope?

I am not sure about affecting your period but I do know that taking Antibiotics while on birth control can keep the pill from working effectively and therefore have a higher risk of getting pregnant. So while on antibiotics as well as atleast a week after (to ensure the antibiotics if out of your sy (MORE)

What does it mean if i have irregular period for four months and i have sore breasts and frequent urinating and a negative test. Can i be pregnant and not know. im 36yrs old?

Yes you can be pregnant!! Urine test are not accurate, sometimes your body doesn't carry enough HCG hormone in your urine to show up on a test. Blood test is the best way to know. If you aren't pregnant you should still see your Gyn. because you could be experiencing early menopause or hormone fluct (MORE)

You took the day after pill 2 times in a month you took a pregnancy test in June it said - but your period hasn't come yet is it normal for the pill to delay your period like that?

It is possible for a morning after pill to cause a disruption in the normal menstrual cycle, but it depends upon the pill taken. One of the most common is Levonorgestrel; sometimes prescribed as l-norgestrel or d-norgestrel. Because of its use of progestogens it can lengthen the luteal phase of mens (MORE)

I had a 2 week long period last month and now I am 10 days late this month but in the past 2 weeks I have had 2 urine home preg tests come up negative Is there a chance that I could be pregnant?

If you had unprotected sex around the time you ovulated yes you could be pregnant. But it sounds like you probably aren't.. Sometimes when our periods are longer than normal one month, they will be light or nonexistent the following month. Wait 7 days and try another home test if you are still worr (MORE)

You are 7 days late have hypothyroidism and have had your period the fourth of every month for the past 6 months you took a preg test and it was negative cld you be pregnant and get a false negative i?

i would recommend waiting about a week after you were suppose to start. then to take another test. Apregnancy test can come back a false negative but if you did something very strenuous or active or were under a lot of stress this week it could alter your menstrual cycle cause it changes your hormon (MORE)

You are breast feeding and bottle have had 2 periods since baby was born 4.5 months ago now am 10 days late had 2 negative test but never late unless pregnant?

Feeding only by breast, can delay the return of menstruation for the first full year. Breast and bottle feeding can cause menstruation to be irregular if the baby is breast fed as often as possible by causing ovulation to be suppressed. Use a good barrier method such as condoms or whatever you and (MORE)