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You just got direct tv how do you hook up the vcr to be able to record show is from the direct tv receiver?

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okay here goes. first off what out-put on the receiver box coax, rca (red,white,yellow) s video, composite, component hdmi. lets say coax use rca cables from the out on the dtv receiver to the input on the vcr then run rca cables to the input on the tv. turn your receiver on turn the vcr off turn the tv on turn the tv to video/input. if you don't see sat video you cross the inputs and the outputs if you're sure it right turn on the vcr press the tv/video or input button on the vcr remote. blank vcr tape. and REMEmBER IT RECORDS WHAT IT SEE SO IF YOU PREE INFO GUIDE IT WILL SHOW EVERYTHING THAT THE TV SEE.
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If you have direct tv and a cable box a DVD a vcr with surround sound and you would like each one to be able to go through the surround sound how should you hook them all up?

I don't understand why you would have Direct TV (sattelite) and cable TV? However, it depends on the input/output combinations of each component. I have my coaxial cable from

How do you hook up a VCR and DVD recorder to a TV?

  Answer   You have easy two options. 1: if your TV has video/audio connections then plug the DVD player into the Video/Audio ports on the TV. Connect the Antenna/

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  Took hook it up the first thing u want to do just hook up the vcr to the tv then u want to put the red yellow and white plugs into the vcr the turn on the tv then turn o

How do you hook up satellite receiver to tv?

Here are the steps in connecting your receiver to the tv.   1 - check your audio/video cables (usually white and red for audio  and yellow for video)   2 - attach the

Can a VCR record digital tv?

VCRs do NOT process digital signals, analgue is the only language they understand. Therefore, you need to place before the VCR a device that has a digital tuner plus the abili

How do you hook up a xbox to a VCR then to the TV?

You don't want to do this. The VCR will make the video look like crap. Get something called an Audio-Video Switch. This is the best way to hook multiple devices to a tv.  

Where do you pick up a direct tv receiver?

I'm assuming you want to purchase a receiver. Try ebay. Before buying, call to make sure the receiver does not have a balance or it will not be activated.

What is direct TV?

Direct TV is a satellite company that provides premium television to your home. It is connected through the use of a small dish and a receiver box. It provides basic and premi