You love a primary school boy but his friends always say that he had other girlfriend?

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If he is in primary school then the chances are that he will break up with her, and then perhaps you can become his girlfriend. The truth is that you will move on in time to, and like other boys and gain new interests. I can see that you have posted a lot about this on WikiAnswers, which tells me that this issue is really bugging you. For now, just enjoy life and have fun with your friends. Then, when he is free you can get to know him.

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If he likes you enough to dump her then go for it but if not
don't bother.
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What do you do when your boyfriend still says to his ex-girlfriend that he loves her and the ex-girlfriend says that she loves him back and he says they are just friends and she broke up with him?

Answer . I would talk to him, ask him whom he loves, and whom he wants to be with. He can't have the best of both worlds, he needs to either get over her and put his whole heart into your relationship or take the time to think if he wants to be with his ex. Dont let him mess you around, you coul (MORE)

What do you do when a boy that seems to be a mamma's boy claims you as his girlfriend and says he loves you but only sees you two days a month or so and does not want sex and has a close gay friend?

Well, Its Always Good To Have A Trusting Relationship With Parents. Even Though They're Demons Who Are, In Most Cases, Out To Make You Feel Like Crap. [Personal Problem? Yes.] Anyways.. I Would Suggest That Next Time You See Him And He Says He Loves You, Say You Love Him More, Then If He Gets In A (MORE)

Can just friends say they love each other?

yes there is many was to love someone . You can love someone as having a stroung connection but that dose not mean it's physacail . I love my friend in diffent ways so yes .

How do you feel when your girlfriend talks to her ex-boyfriend as a friend but always says that she really loves you?

An 'ex' means the relationship is over! It's an insult to your intelligence if she is telling you they are friends. Only a very low percentage can remain friends after the relationship and that low percent generally parts company in a year or so after. I doubt very much she could handle you talking (MORE)

If you love a boy and he loves you back but that boy has a girlfriend that's your best friend what would you do?

-if she is your friend she will let you and the guy be happy. real friends would get out of the way and let you be with the one your meant 2 be with the 1 your meant to be with of course don't do it if your in middle school unless your super sure --samething happen to me, just make sure you both re (MORE)

What do you do if theres a boy you love that has a girlfriend that is your friend?

if she is your friend, you should respect her and her boyfriend. the worst thing to do is to get in the way. you can end up destroying there relationship. what i suggest is giving it some time and then if anything goes wrong between them, then that's when you should talk to your friend when she is c (MORE)

How do you get a boy in primary school to love you?

I'm in year 7 now but when I was in primary school I got my first boyfriend by following these steps: 1. Don't get nervous - he's just a normal guy 2. Become friends - it'll be easier to talk to him when you know him well 3. Take it slow - he will think you're weird if you jump into a relation (MORE)

How do you get over a guy who you do love when he is always there also has a girlfriend and is you best friend?

You know he will always be there for you so what are you worried about, so if he is going out with your best friend as long as their not trying to rub it in and he will always be supportive you have nothing to worry about. . Good Luck! . You know he will always be there for you so what are you wor (MORE)

What if your Boy Friend always want to say the last word?

if ur bf always wants the last word........say stuff when hes gone.....then u now have the last word and the last laugh..... then go kick him in the balls.....HARD. if ur bf always wants the last word........say stuff when hes gone.....then u now have the last word and the last laugh..... then go k (MORE)

If You like this boy but he has a girlfriend and you think he likes you but his friend don't want him to go out with you but you have heard him saying nice things about you to his other mates?

I can see the tough situation you are in. Try being friends with him first. Maybe a small conversation can turn you into the next girlfriend. And ignore the guy's friend. This is the way you and the guy feels and his friend does not have the right to jump in. It's your decision and mind. Just rememb (MORE)

You like this boy but he has a girlfriend and you think he likes you but his friend don't want him to go out with you but you have heard him saying nice things about you to his other mates?

wow haha. well i would just try to hang out with him more for now just as friends, and see if he really does like you. dont ask him out if he has a girl friend, that is just asking for trouble ;) dont worry about his friend, its not up to him who the guy you like goes out with. if the guy you like b (MORE)

How do you know if your girlfriend likes you eventhough she dont say i love you always?

u can tell if the relationship is serious or u hav been together for a long time but if she doesnt there mite b a prob she could not be commited or using u fro sex things like that but just sit down and talk with her and tell her what is bothering u ^^ dooo not sit down and chat she will get freak (MORE)

If you have a girlfriend and one of your really close friends says she loves you but you love your girlfriend but your girlfriend dosent love you what do you do?

First off what does this have to do with being single? You seem to be having the opposite issue. As for your problem, well that's a little more complicated, but how you put it. Your girlfriend doesn't love you. Your close friend does. So you need to analyze your two options, dump your girlfriend a (MORE)

How can you get a boy at school to love you and ask you to be his girlfriend?

all you have to do is flirt and be nice to him, and trust me, he will start having a crush on you just because he is probably desperate.also, be really confident. EXCEPT, THERE ARE SOME MAKE-SURES. 1. MAKE SURE HE IS SINGLE AND DOESN'T LIKE ANY OTHER GIRLS AT THE TIME 2.MAKE SURE HE IS STILL NOT (MORE)

I like this boy but he has a girlfriend i have spoke to him but i wouldn't say we were friends as such how do i talk to him and what do i say?

Okay, this is a good question. What you do is remember that he is just like you. Don't be afraid to talk to him. If he's not interested, then he'll walk away and you will still have at least a little dignity. However, don't make yourself sound or look desperate. Men can sense that. Just breathe in s (MORE)

How do you get a girlfriend in primary school?

ok heres how to really charm those girls like a cobra Steps . 1. Be cool like the trends are .. If these days justin bieber is the cool guy. Dont be like him but inspire from him.Or if the trends are gadgets, you must have one . 2. Dont be too stylish just be feminim boy . Simple, girl (MORE)

Why would your 'ex' girlfriend say she just wants to be friends but you kiss and hold hands when you are together out of school and you tell her that you love her and she tells you she loves you?

I would say its about her sense of feeling free to mingle but yet doesn't want to lose the security of your love that warms her and she does not want you to walk away from a friendship. She still loves you and wants to be near you... she will come back if its meant to be so just be patient, you'l (MORE)

What does it mean if a female friend doesn't comment on anything when your girlfriend is mentioned but when you and your girlfriend break up your female friend says shes always there for you?

Usually, that means that she wants a chance with you... If I were you... I wouldn't... because you'll only get hurt in the end... And don't get into something you don't really know about, because trust me... no one wins... Just saying...(: Hope that helped... But if you really like her, then... go f (MORE)

What do you do when you and your best friend is in love with each other but he has a girlfriend?

You continue to be his best friend and nothing more. As long as he's with another girl, he's not with you. You should make sure to enforce that. You do not want to become "the other woman" in a cheating relationship. Also it would show him not to be a trustworthy person if he is willing to cheat on (MORE)

When a boy says he loves you and always will love you?

a boy? as in a child? if so the word love is to strong for such an age to feel. We say we love one another in young relationships when really we just have a strong feeling for the other person, therefore it probably wont last forever. However saying this do not deny him in his thoughts, if this is w (MORE)

What can you do when you love this boy but he is always surrounded by his friends?

Young boys are often around their male friends and if in his early teens it is very normal to do so. Many young men are simply shy or awkward at dating. He can't always be around his friends so find a time when he is alone (perhaps when he is on his way to another class) and ask him if he would like (MORE)

Why did my girlfriend send me a smiley emoji when I texted her I love you She always says I love you back )?

Perhaps she didn't have time at that moment to write out an answer.If nothing else has seemed different or "off" with her, then don'tworry about it. If you ARE worried about it because other thingshave changed then the simple answer is, ask her. It sounds like youare insecure, and if you continue th (MORE)