You own a motorcycle. The condo you own and live recently disallowed motorcycle parking in the parking lot. What are your parking rights. Do you have a say on this?

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According to the New York Appellate Division of State Supreme Court decided the co-op and condo law that courts will not get involved in decisions unless there is bad faith, fraud or breach of duty. New York Times article "Courts Upholds Condo's Motorcycle Ban". This case set a precedent as the American Motorcycle Association vs. Condo Association.
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Is a Virginia condo parking lot considered public property?

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Can a person who owns three condos that have parking spaces assigned by the declaration sell one and in the title state that it only has one parking space and thereby maintain control of the other?

It sounds like you own three condominium units and three parking spaces, each of which is listed on the title of the condominium to which it is attached (by space number, usually). You can present your proposed alteration of parking space assignments to the board and ask the board for its guidance (MORE)

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Does the board of a gated community have the right to tell the condo owners they cannot park in the extra parking spaces even though they OWN the condo and PAY to live there?

Your question sounds like you feel entitled to whatever you want in the gated community, regardless of what's included in the governing documents about what you own and what you own with everyone. Your individual ownership boundaries are clearly stated in your governing documents. The boundary ma (MORE)

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