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You started your period last month but didnt start this month but you havent had sex since your last period and your cramping why havent you started your period this month?

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If your under a lot of stress that can cause you to skip, or if your weight has dramatically changed. If it really worries you then I suggest going to the doctor.
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Im taking birth control I missed one pill now I'm cramping and spotting I got my period last month I havent had sex since my last period does anyone know what is wrong?

  i had a similar problem having missed 2 pills, was worried i was pregnant and dont yet kno for definite as im not late yet so cant take test. anyway i asked a gyn on ano

Can you have sex if you havent started your period?

Well, if you haven't had your period, odds are that you're too young to have sex legally. And even if one would ignore the law, it's still not a good idea. You can catch sexua

Ive been on birth control and had miss period last month and this month you still havent started should you change your pill or are you pregnant?

    Buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy, they are fairly accurate, so if you have missed 2 periods in 2 months you may be pregnant, it will be better to check with a