You still have 40.00 on a gift certificate why cant you use it?

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It expired
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Can you use a Chapters.Indigo gift certificate online?

Chapters.Indigo Gift Certificate . This is what it says on Chapters.Indigo's Web site regarding the use of gift certificates:. Gift Certificates are the perfect gift solut

Does the US still print silver certificates?

The last silver certificates were printed in the early 1960s,although they were dated 1957 B. During the 19th century silver certificates were at some pointprinted in every d

Do you need to pay a tip when using a gift certificate for a service?

If you get service that warrants a tip, yes. Before you avail yourself of this service, inquire if you can use any unused portion of the gift certificate towards a gratuity. L

Why cant you sell your gifts on FarmVille?

Most gifts can be sold for Farm Coins. If you receive something you don't need from a neighbor, you can accept the gift anyway. It will be added to your Gift Box in the game.

Why do pentecostals believe that spiritual gifts are still used today?

Because they have never been withdrawn by the Holy Spirit; Christians may have chosen to use them less or more at various times in Church history, but they did not cease, and
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Can you still use 2001 McDonald's gift certificates?

well its from 2001 it might of expired. but don't ask me ask the person in the restaurant! plus why would you even want to eat McDonalds food, its made from the grossest stuff
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What gift does luke give Percy why cant Percy use them?

Luke gives Percy a pair of flying shoes that were given to him by his Father Hermes. Percy cannot use them because Zeus has a grudge against him and he wants to stay out of th
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What are the uses of spa finder gift certificates?

there are many uses for spa finders gift certificates such as a relaxing day of spa treatment with a massage or a facial treatment for the day where people are treated to a da