You want to be a subcontractor for direct tv in fort lauderdale who do you talk to or contact to get some infortmation?

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I want to be a subcontractor for diect tv in fort lauderdale where can i get some information on what to do
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How do you contact he CEO of Direct TV?

does it matter, i had to get my old dish off roof after 3 weeks promise, dvr promise was far fr dish capability, call was offer $100 off afer 57 minutes of holding on the phon

What is there to do in Fort Lauderdale?

There is a lot to do! You have several beaches, you can cruise the intracoastal and see the sites from the water taxi. you can watch the cruise ships at Port Everglades. Shopp

What are the difference between direct subcontractor and nominated subcontractor?

a nominated subcontractor, with various provisions for obtaining indemnities by the subcontractor (or Employer) but under the main contractor responsibility and coordination,

What are some things that Direct TV offers?

"Direct TV offers a large variety of channels. They also offer superior picture quality. They mainly offer TV services such as On Demand movies, TV shows, and their watch anyt