You want to know whether normal RCA auido video cable can work for component input form your DVD to lcd tv?

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If both have component inputs/outputs of the same type, i.e., RCA connectors consisting of yellow (video) audio (red, right / white left) then it'll work. Can't guarantee the video quality though. It may have color smearing or video smearing and possibly ghosting of the image. For short runs (3 feet or less) it should provide for an acceptable picture.

It is possible to use audio cables for runs up to 20 feet, but the same caveats apply.

Best thing to do is try it and see.
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Have a Toshiba 57 inch projection tv can' t get the ANT input or the RCA video input ports to work properly All you get is a scrambled image The s-video and component video works great Any ideas?

First thing I'd do is have the TV do a channel search, making sure I had the antenna plugged into the correct antenna input on the back of the set. Just sounds like it's lost

Can a Component RCA Video cable be used for audio for connections?

The answer is YES & NO ! 1. Simply because there are 2 popular modes of the Component systems Progressive vs. interlaced component video 2. One will work and the other will

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