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Your husband gets social security disability he only gets 656.00 a month you are not able to work could he get ssi?

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Your husband gets social security disability he only gets 656.00 a month you are not able to work could he get ssi?
If he is under the age for retirement, disability is as good as it gets. You might apply for disability under your own name, but you would have to have enough quarters worked to qualify.
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Can you apply for social security if getting social security disability?

You can't receive Social Security retirement benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits at the same time. SSDI provides monthly benefits to people who a

Can you work if you don't have a Social Security number but are in the process of getting one?

There is no requirement to have or use a social security number to live or work in the United States. The Social Security Administration will admit this to you IN WRITING if y

When can you start getting social security?

You can start receiving retirement benefits at age 62. However, you will get substantially more if you wait until you are older to get your first check. The amount you will re

What can you do if you know someone is working and getting social security disability?

It can be reported by mail, internet or phone (1-800-772-1213.) First, know the facts. A person collecting social security disability can work up to 9 months during a 36 mon

When you die who gets your social security benefits?

  Here are some details -   If you are getting SS benefits and you die this month, even if it's the 31st, your next check has to be sent back to Social Security. Then,

How will getting married affect your Social Security Disability benefits?

You will have to pay taxes on your benefits, and any other income you have. And unless you have money taken out of your benefit checks for tax purposes, (which you wouldn't be

What if somebody gets your social security number?

They can acsess alot of things about you. There are probly internet searchs for that kind of stuff. Like people finds. Your socail security number contains the zip code of t