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Your industrial piercing is bleeding from no obvious signs of trauma including while sleeping how much bleeding is 'normal' and should you always clean the clotted blood right away?

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Bleeding is due to the small vessels in the ear cartilage having been cut. Partly due to the piercer not looking at the cartilage piercing carefully enough to avoid damaging the vessels structures. Bleeding will occur with all cartilage piercings, how much depends on the location of the vessels. Don't clear the clots away from the piercing (this is the bodies way of plugging the leak) allowing the clots to stay for 24 hours will allow the body to close the damaged vessels from the inside out. Washing the piercing under running water will rinse the clots away and not irritate the piercing thus preventing the piercing from bleeding again. The bleeding should ease within 24 ~ 48 hours.
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