Your landlord give you a three days eviction what do you do?

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When a tenant is evicted and leaves personal property they have 30 days to claim the property Can a landlord then charge them for having to move and store the personal property before giving it bak?

You have to do everything in writing. I would send a certified letter or if not put an ad in a newspaper basically saying: you have 30 days to remove your property from said p

Can a landlord enforce a three day notice?

Sure, if the landlord takes the proper steps: the Landlord must file eviction proceedings to continue the steps for removing the tenant, but he cannot take it upon himself to

If you are given a 3-day eviction notice for something besides rent and rent is paid for the month can landlord keep the rent and deposit if you are not out in three days?

(2009) Housing regulations vary from State to State. However, in NY (and probably for the rest of the country), a landlord can not penalize you for not leaving in 3 days jus

How much notice does a landlord have to give before evicting tenants?

This is dependant upon the contract you signed when you agreed to rent the property. Most state a 'reasonable' amount of time, however it is often at the landlords discretion.

Can a landlord evict me if he owes me 20000?

Yes he can. The fact that he owes you $20,000 doesn't mean you don't owe you one rent. If you want to force your landlord to pay you the $20,000 then you will have to sue in c