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Your penis is smaller than your middle finger hard what should you do?

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You should stop worrying too much about different parts of your body, and just learn to live with what you got.

There is no reasonable way to make it grow. Specifically, while lots of Web sites advertise products to make it grow, all of them are frauds - and a surgery would leave it less functional.
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Should your penis get hard?

When you get older your body starts maturing. Your penis getting hard is completely normal, this usually happens when there is something sexual happening, but you can also get

Is an uncircumsized penis smaller than a circumsised?

No. Circumcision is the name given to an operation to remove the foreskin, it does not alter the overall length of a boy's penis. In fact some boys who are uncircumcised have
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Why is your penis smaller than all your friends but you are older?

The size of all parts of your anatomy is determined by your genetics. The only place it's a big problem is in the locker room - a friend of mine who is a pediatric urologist s