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Your sister-in-law is going to prison for a year and wants you to take here three kids will you get any help from the state if you take them you live in californiamy brother is also in prison?

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Boy, I feel for ya bud. I thought I had problems. If your record is clean then you have a chance, but it isn't what she wants it's what social services will allow. You need to talk to them pronto, to get your house checked out and your record. They will help you if you are approved by them. But, you will have to keep an almost perfect house and be subject to random visits, scheduled visits and whatever else they want. It's up to you. Otherwise they will go to a foster home set by the SS and you can visit them on the terms that they specify. This is a big deal and do not take this lightly. There is the risk that you could get into trouble unless you are I mean SQEEKY CLEAN. Good Luck and God Bless You. My sister is a paralegal with the family court in San Diego, and she says to be sure you keep in contact with them at all times. You should request a case worker to be assigned to you so you can always have someone to help with the difficult task you are facing.
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