Where is HMS diamond?

Answer . The last HMS Diamond (D35) was scrapped in 1979. I served on board her 1961-1963.. The new 'Type 45' Destroyer HMS Diamond was built on the River Clyde in Scotlan (MORE)

How do you get all the hm?

HM01: Given by the Captain of the SS Anne. HM02: On the Route west from celadon city you can use Cut on a tree which will let you access a new path follow this path until you (MORE)

How do you get hm strenght?

You have to go in to the Safari Zone and get the gold teeth or whatever they are called and exit the Safari Zone. You'll be near a secret house at the end. Then you have to ta (MORE)
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Were do you get hm slave?

An HM slave, is a term for a pokémon who is not trained for battle and instead stays on a player's team to use HM moves outside of battle to traverse the game. This is due, (MORE)

What does HMS stand for in HMS beagle?

His Majesty's Ship.. This prefix is used with all British military ships. Literally, it means "the ship of the King" (when Darwin was onboard the Beagle, George V was in powe (MORE)

How can you get a hm?

A Hidden Move (Or HM for short, of course) can be obtained invarious ways, most commonly by NPCs during an event or by willinglytalking to them. Many of them are acquired duri (MORE)