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Back and forth.
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What is fro ming?

Is this English? If it's not, please switch it to world languages. If it is, please check your spelling.

What is FRO?

Its a type of hair style Fro slang term for afro as in afro man

Cheats fro Howrse?

check out @Ow_inc and message for a chance to win BMI and divine. It worked for me :)

What can you get your boyfriend fro valentimes day?

ok... i think that you should give the guy something that reminds him of maybe a song you write for him. or a book that you know he loves. or even a picture of him. if you have trouble thinking of things he likes ask his friends....they are bound to have some awnsers. so just go for it girl (MORE)

How can you get mystery gift fro a friend?

to get mystery gift you must type in a secret message in the pokemart on the side counter where a peice of paper is once you are facing it click A and it will ask you a question then click yes (sorry i forgot the message). BY: DHARMVIR123

How far is the moon fro the sun?

It depends on the position of the moon around the earth. if it is the other side of earth it would be further away than if it was on the side of the earth facing the sun. But it is roughly 93 million miles

Chemistry equation fro precipitation?

Precipitation is not a chemical change, but a physical change. The chemical involved is water, and this condenses and cools in the sky to form clouds which become denser and the droplets of water larger until they fall from the sky as rain. The only chemical involved is water.

What is the chemical name fro chocolate?

"Chemical name" would refer to a single chemical compound. But chocolate is not a single substance. It has many compounds in it, each of which would have its own chemical name.

What is the best first aide fro frostbite?

i know the right answer i am a scout! the best way if you are near a house wash with lukewarm water if not in civilliased area all you can go is cover area with your hands!

Where did the word safety originated and fro which language?

The word is English. It was first cataloged in use by Edmund Spenser who was born in 1552 and wrote "The Faerie Queen". He spelled it "safiti".. William Shakespeare, who was born in 1564, changed the spelling to what we use today - safety. Either way, the meaning has always been the same - the stat (MORE)

How do you flip your profile fro a 2.0 myspace?

.msc {flip basic info module} .msc {} div.basicInfoModule {position:absolute; top:10px; right:10px;} div.basicInfoModule div.basicInfoDetails {position:relative; right:175px;}

What does Que fro mean?

In portuguese qué frô is how Asian people say quer uma flor ? , in English want a flower . it resultes of the bad pronuncianon of the language .

What is to and fro motion?

TO AND FRO MOTION It is the motion in which a body moves in fro and to directions. EXAMPLE Motion of simple pendulum

How do you start an introduction fro a presentation?

When dealing with a presentation the following singsong phrase pretty much sums up your outline: Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Then, tell them what you told them. Basically, you are going to inform your audience what it is that you are going to be presenting to them and you (MORE)

How long is a flight fro Vancouver to Singapore?

A random search for flights from Vancouver (YVR) to Singapore (SIN) shows: OPTION 1: 18hr 55min via Hong Kong (HKG) YVR - HKG Cathay Pacific Airways Flt 889 Dep 02:00am 19Feb,Fri HKG - SIN Cathay Pacific Airways Flt 717 Dep 09:10am 20Feb,Sat Flight Duration: 17hr 35min; Layover Time: 1hr 20mi (MORE)

Is there a list of namesof fatalies fro ww1?

I can only speak from a UK allied force point of view. But from what I know, there is a memorial in London that states every fatality in WWI of anyone who was in the British Armed Forces at the time whose death was originally recorded during the war. There are also war memorials in the majority of B (MORE)

How do you get the scale fro the hydra?

Okay, so first, you go where the hydra is, and then you keep jumping up and squashing the hydra's head, and when all the hydra's head is squashed, then go over to the hydra and click on it and you will be given a hydra scale. By the way, fi you don't understand, then just go to youtube and type in H (MORE)

What are 2 sports fro italy?

depends how you look at it but there national game is football and they are also active within Olympics, but since the Roman era they are very aware of old sports too.

What website can you get on facebook fro school?

Heres the list..... 1. SECRET SEEK 2. PROXY.COM 3. DEMO OPERA MINI 4. GOOGLERZ.NET STEP TWO- CLICK ON SECRET SEEK Glad to help BUT THERES SOME PROBLEMS with number 4. if you use it fot to much it will lock down. ps. you can use secret seek for block websites in school.......... i (MORE)

Is quicktime only fro Macs?

QuickTime is available for Macs and other computers using the Windows operating system (See links below). QuickTime is widely used in multimedia projects/software and forms the basis of the internationally recognised MPEG 4 file format.

Why people have hope fro the future?

People have interest in several things they want to see happening in the future giving them hope. Some people have kids they want to see grow up, others have companies they want to see grow up. Others just want to find that special one.. Some like Space, The deep see or Science and want to (MORE)

What is another word fro provide?

supply, support, accommodate, bestow, bring, care, contribute, equip, feed, furnish, give, hand over, impart, indulge, minister, outfit, present, procure, produce, proffer, provision, ration, render, stock, transfer

What is the font required fro a apa paper?

For the body paragraphs of an APA paper, Times New Roman is recommended while the Arial font is suggested for image captions. Times New Roman is the suggested font with the font size set to either 10 or 12.

Where can you get trained fro line cook jobs?

Culinary schools are a good start if you want to begin a career as a line cook. But, for immediate training, the best place is on the job in a kitchen. Most chefs train on site and learn from their head chefs. Being a good line cook comes from experience.

Who is A J dating fro the wwe?

well she is now engaged to Daniel Bryan. He proposed to her after there tag team match together and soon will be married.

How do you fro oranges at the guard on bin weevils?

you pick up the elastic band and the coconut shell then put the oranges up next to the worker then put the elastic band around the pillars attach the shell and fire the oranges at the gaurd and the flynest

Why is guy Sebastian's nickname the fro?

Guy Sebastian had an afro hairstyle when he auditioned for the first ever Australian Idol TV series and as he progressed through the heats the public fell in love with his voice and his look and started wearing afro wigs at the shows. The media dubbed him "the fro". After winning, Guy was under pres (MORE)

How long does it take to fly fro IN to NC?

The flight time for flights between the above places is 1 hours 25 mins This is an approximate travel time (calculated in ideal conditions. The travel speed is 500 mph and 30 mins for take off and landing). The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc