What are the good and bad things about hydroelectric power?

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Good things about it: It is a renewable energy source, it is reliable, it is virtually free after you build a dam (except for the upkeep of the dam), it generates huge amounts of power, it can be used for flood control, and it creates jobs for people.

Bad things about it: (These things apply to dams with reservoirs, not run-of-the-river dams) The reservoirs displace people and the dams hold back nutrient-rich sediment that would fertilize areas further downstream.
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What are the good uses about hydroelectric power?

Hydro electricity is good because water is all around us. This means that we do not need to change the entire landscape dramatically. Next we have the fact that it is cheaper due to the fact that at one time there are very little personnel on the floor resulting in lower costs for the customers. Now (MORE)

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What are the good things about hydroelectricity?

The energy is inexhaustibleand it is one of the cleanest sources pf energy.. signed, . Mrs. Hoyle . The energy is inexhaustibleand it is one of the cleanest sources pf energy. . signed, . Mrs. Hoyle . I am working on a debate for school, and my group's topic is "Alternative sources of energy s (MORE)

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its very expensive and the people can not afford it because they got no pee, na dont watch fam its worth bare p out here dawg

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Is hydroelectric power source good or bad?

Positives include the fact that it is an enormous reserve of renewable energy; negatives are that it can seriously impact an environment, and is not the most stable of sources.

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What are bad things about hydroelectric power?

when the dam is made for the water to go through it the area near it floods from them blocking it off for the dam being built and then when they take off the barrier and the water flows again, everything that was under the water is either gone or completely destroyed

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Its expensive to build, or put solar panels on house roofs. It has a long payback time. Solar panels are ugly and big. The sun isnt always out, especially in places like UK, where as Spain it would be perfect.

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Opinion is divided and there are many advantages and disadvantages commonly listed by different groups. Some of the advantages include: - European Common Market - free trade within the European Union. Some argue that free trade in the EU can be achieved through the EFTA, but members of the EFTA mus (MORE)

Bad things about hydro power?

there are bad thing like the fish migration because of the dams for the hydro power changing the environment and affecting land use, homes, and natural habitats in the dam area.

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GOOD . BAD . Saved some of the future generation.. Hard work.. Some children had a great time.. Some children were beaten by host families .. Made the country work together.. Some children sent overseas.. Made connections across the country.. Some children ran away and died.. By being move (MORE)

Is hydroelectric good or bad for the environment?

Hydroelectric power does not pollute the water, and is more beneficial for the environment compared to a handful of other energy sources. It runs non-stop and is relatively cheap. However, the dams are too expensive to build. They may also interfere with fish and other life under the sea, and alter (MORE)

What are the good and bad things about recycling?

Recycling can help the earth, because it is reusing paper, instead of just throwing it out and cutting down more trees. It is bad because some people may not have the proper containers in which to throw their recyclings in.

Hydroelectric power depends on what two things?

A hydroelectric generator requires two things to produce power; water and head. Water is obviously needed to spin the turbine, and head is the difference in altitude between the surface of the water in the reservoir above the generator and the water turbine at the generator.

What are good and bad things about uranium?

Applications of uranium: - nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors - explosive for nuclear weapons - material for armors and projectiles - catalyst - additive for glass and ceramics (to obtain beautiful green colors) - toner in photography - mordant for textiles - shielding material (MORE)

Is hydroelectric power the same thing as a dam?

no but they generally go hand in hand. a dam is built to form a reservoir and increase the height so there is a height difference for power generation. but a dam may just hold water for irrigation or to even out the demand of a river. power generation does not need a dam if you can get water from a (MORE)

How is hydroelectric power bad?

Its not neccessarily a bad thing, but its not a good thing either. Using water for energy can ruin habitats by flooding and not letting water flow naturally. Its better than some sources of energy because it dreates no pollution, and water is a renewable resource. There are lots of arguments debatin (MORE)

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What is the bad thing about hydroelectric energy?

Hydroelectricity (excuse me if I am wrong) uses purely wind power to generate electricity. This means that the breeze has to be particularly stong for the turbines to turn in order for electricity to be generated. I guess what the biggest disadvantage of hydroelectricity is that it relies solely on (MORE)

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