What are the jobs like in Spain?

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There are many thousands of jobs available in Spain. Spain is a financial and business hub in Europe, and so attracts many professional jobs.

"Empleos" is Spanish for "jobs". A good website for job listings is www.empleos.com.es

Spain has been hard hit by the economic downturn though, and has high unemployment at present compared with the rest of Europe.
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What jobs are there in Spain?

There are many jobs available in Spain for citizens. People canwork in department stores, grocery stores, or as police officers.

Most dangerous jobs in Spain?

The most dangerous job in Spain is a bull shepherd. It is estimatedthat between 200 to 300 people get injured each year doing this jobbecause it consists of herding bulls thro

What jobs do they have in Spain?

jobs in Spain require skill, sometimes. a job would be either anemployer or bullfighters (which is the most famous jobs, butthey're is more jobs in Spain) Spain's jobs are som

Major jobs in Spain?

major jobs in Barcelona Spain are fishing, shipping imports and exports, and dancing

How do you find a job in Spain?

There are lots of Spanish job boards and websites you can browse with job vacancies listed. Check the related link for one of them.

What kind of jobs do Spain have?

Jobs in Spain include working in restaurants, movie theaters, andin gas stations. People can also be police officers andconstruction workers.
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What is the job of the King and Queen of Spain?

The King is Head of State, that is, he represents the Country of Spain ceremonially to the rest of the world. He is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The Hea
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What are the specific jobs of Spain?

The top industries in Spain are: textiles and apparel (including footwear) food and beverages metals and metal manufactures chemicals shipbuilding automobiles ma
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What types of jobs do people do in Spain?

Approximately 4 % of the Spanish workers work in agriculture, 24 % work in an industry, and 72% work in the service industry. Spain has a decent manufacturing capability fr