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Triglycerides are found in the blood. In normal amounts they are used by the body for energy. High triglycerides are caused by too much fat in the body and having high cholesterol.
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What can cause a high level of triglyceride?

    Excessive alcohol intake and hydrogenated oils; triglycerides are the building-blocks or precursors of cholesterol, which is why they aren't good for you, even tho

Foods that cause high triglycerides?

  Alcohol elevates triglycerides. Elevated triglycerides can also be a symptom of the metabolic syndrome. There isn´t an association between high triglycerides and any

How do you control high triglyceride?

Since triglycerides are forms of fats, you might think that less fat in the diet would be the most significant step in lowering triglycerides. But it's not. The main culprit i

Is high triglyceride a good thing?

No. Having high triglycerides combined with high cholesterol can lead to heart disease. Try your best to change your eating habits to include low carb items. Getting a little

If you have high triglyceride how can you lower it?

You can lower high triglyceride by watching what you eat and avoiding fats, sugars and carbohydrates. By doing this yyou will lower the level of triglceride found in your body

What does it mean to have high triglyceride?

Triglycerides are a kind of fat found in your blood, that your body uses for energy. You need triglycerides to be healthy, but having too much can cause heart disease. High tr

Where can you find high triglyceride treatment?

You can find the treatment on Web MD which is a very reliable website that offers treatment as well as other facts that may effect your high triglyceride. They give you an ove