What is a sponge dish?

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Just a dish (a place) to set a sponge. Just like a soap dish.
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What is a sponge?

It is a contraceptive barrier that is used to prevent pregnancies. The most popularly marketed was the "Today" sponge. Unfortunately it did not have the success rate claimed a

What is a sponge for?

first of all, there is two types of sponges. one of them are when you take them and clean the dishes or toilet, tub. The other 1 is where it lives under water. And you can lea

Are dish sponges animals harvested in the ocean?

lol, no!! They are just called the same thing. A dish sponge washes dishes. A sea sponge is a sponge lives in the ocean. Take SPONGEbob for example: sponge lives in sea is

What does a sponge have?

A sponge has holes...ever hear of spongebob haha . But Really...A sponge is a sea animal that goes through a cleaning process then being used for washing dishes or stains of