What is the leading cause of tooth decay?

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Plaque made up of a variety of anaerobic bacteria. Real Answer Nutrient deficiency combined with imbalanced blood sugar.
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Does sour candy cause tooth decay?

Answer . Sour candy, in and of itself, does not cause tooth decay just like cold temperatures do not cause the common cold. Eating sour candy, which is loaded with sugar, and not following good dental hygiene practices, will promote the growth of bacteria/plaque that WILL cause tooth decay. So, (MORE)

What causes tooth decay?

- Not brushing your teeth - Eating so much sweets and chocolate or sugary foods - Consuming too many acidy foods such as vinegar - Smoking

Can sugar in soda cause tooth decay?

yes the sugar in soda is a MAJOR cause of tooth decay . But its indirect. Sugar itself does not harm tooth enamel. But sugar, in any food, feeds bacteria that live in your mouth. These bacteria multiply rapidly and they then secrete acids that dissolve tooth enamel. Good dental hygiene will kill mo (MORE)

How does sugar cause tooth decay?

It is said that all types of sugar can cause tooth decay. The most expected sugars to give tooth decay are sucrose, glucose, fructose, and maltose. Bacteria use the energy in the sugar and then make acids which attack teeth and tooth enamel. This then causes tooth decay, which is also known as denta (MORE)

Can citric acid causes tooth decay?

citric acids destroys the enamel on your teeth, which is why most dentists suggest drinking orange/grapefruit juice or lemonade through a straw/

Does sugar cause tooth decay?

Yes, sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. It is veryimportant to brush your teeth after every meal to avoid toothdecay.

What could be the cause of extremely rapid tooth decay?

Soda would be one possibility, especially if you drink soda and go to bed without brushing your teeth. Sugar, Sweets. Lemonade, Cakes, in fact all the sweet items that you eat can cause tooth decay. Brushing your teeth Morning and Evening, using Dental Floss plus Mouth Washes will help look after (MORE)

What food causes tooth decay?

sugary food. junk food. sticky food. check out the article in related links. Sugary and high in caffeine drinks, for instance, soda(coca cola) --->+acidic ones

What is the scientific name of the bacteria that causes tooth decay?

These prokaryotes especially Gram positive bacteria like Lactobacillus spp , Streptococcus mutans and Actinomyces spp are available in oral biofilms which is the sticky, slimy coating in the mouth that is most visible before brushing away that awful breath in the morning. It is the bacteria and n (MORE)

Is tooth decay caused by bacteria?

Yes. Tooth Decay will start as too much Bacteria builds up in a tooth. Bacteria build ups are caused by not taking proper cleaning routines with your teeth

Can tooth decay cause headaches?

Tooth decay is very dangerous for health. Because it gives heavyheadache to that person who has teeth related disease my friendsuffering with this near about 6 months.The solution for it get anyprofessional dentist and check up properly for better cure withinshort period. asonor.com

Why does coca cola cause tooth decay?

Sugars and high fructose corn syrup used to sweeten soda can stain teeth(turning it to yellow or brown). The sugar in soda combine with bacteria in the mouth and forms an acid. This acid attaches the tooth and weakens it and can cause decay. Also, the caffeine can do the same thing so it is definit (MORE)

What snacks and drinks do not cause tooth decay?

Avoid sugary and carbonated water drinks basically. All sugars can cause decay. Sugar can come in many forms, for example: sucrose, fructose and glucose are just three types. These sugars can all damage your teeth. Many processed foods have sugar in them, and the higher up it appears in the list of (MORE)

Can medications cause tooth decay?

Medications do not typically 'cause' dental decay, however, some medications can cause a decrease in salivary production. Saliva is important in neutralizing acids that cause decay. Therefore, some medications can contribute to the incidence of tooth decay.

What is the most likely cause of Tooth decay?

Poor dental hygiene. . Factor associated with the formation of tooth decay : When oral bacteria consume sugars, they start to produce the acids that cause tooth demineralization (tooth decay) within minutes. Cavity prevention recommendation : The less sugar you consume, or the fewer number (MORE)

What causes nursing bottle tooth decay?

Nursing bottle tooth decay is caused when a baby is put to bed or falls asleep with a bottle in his/her mouth. What happens is the milk or substance in the bottle drip into the mouth and remain in contact with the teeth. Over time the milk turns to sugar and causes decay on the teeth. This is also t (MORE)

How does plaque caused tooth decay?

Plaque is various types of bacteria in large quantities. These bacteria metabolize (eat) carbohydrates (sugars) that are in the mouth. The bacteria then produce acids which erode the enamel of the teeth, resulting in tooth decay.

Why does eating sweets cause tooth decay?

Cavities are caused by bacteria which work, live, and play within our mouths. These bacteria feast on food left on teeth after meals. The bacteria produce acid as a by-product of their feasting. It is this acid which eats into tooth enamel, creating cavities. Surprisingly, bacteria can use other foo (MORE)

Do lemons cause tooth decay?

They don't cause tooth decay, the way some food do, but any acidic food; lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, et.al, can eat away at the enamel, leading to dental difficulties.

Does long-term Oxycontin cause tooth decay?

Yes. I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my motorcycle. Sever trauma all over my body. Was in the hospital for over 1 year. I have been taking oxycotin, starting with 80 mg then 60 mg and now ten years later down to 40 mg. Approximately 5 years ago i started having problems with my teeth. All o (MORE)

Can milk cause kids tooth decay?

Yes, it does. This is because of the sugar content in milk. Makesure you dont let your children go to sleep at night with bottles.

What virus causes tooth decay?

New Virus Causes Sudden Increase in Tooth Decay There is a respiratory virus going around that causes sudden periodontal problems (ie, RECEDING GUM LINE ), and the very sudden appearance of many DENTAL CAVITIES in the mouth, even in people with excellent oral hygiene habits. I caught this v (MORE)

Can hydrocodone use cause tooth decay?

I've been on hydrocodone since 2002 (over 10 years) and I CAN CONTEST that this medication does cause tooth decay. I have brittle, cavity and discolored teeth.. AK

What kind of things lead to tooth decay?

Acids that are from foods and drinks and those produced by bacteria in your mouth will cause tooth decay. It's best to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day to help prevent those acids from boring holes in your tooth enamel.

Where does the acid that causes tooth decay come from?

i just learnt this, its: plaque is a sticky film of saliva, food particles and bacteria found on teeth. when the bacteria digests sugary food particals, they produce an acid that can dissalve tooth enamal. saliva has a neutralising effect on yhe acid because it is slightly basic(pH 7.4)

Is high fluoride causes tooth decay?

actually as far as fluoride is good for protecting teeth from decay during child hood even giving super protection for root of teeth after teenage years ,but at the same time can cause osteoporosis in most of teeth especially after stoppage of development in which catabolism will be more than anabol (MORE)

Does ice cream cause tooth decay?

It can. Any foods, especially those containing sugars can cause tooth decay. This is one major reason to practice good dental hygiene.

How is tooth decay caused and how can you prevent it?

Tooth Decay: A.K.A: A cavity, results in plaque building on the tooth, therefor rotting away the gums. If this persists, it will eventually kill the tooth. To prevent a cavity, brush twice a day and floss daily.

Where does the acid that causes tooth decay come from and how can you prevent it?

Bacteria that populate the mouth metabolize simple carbohydrates (sugar) and produce the acid that causes tooth decay. Reducing the bacteria by effective and frequent brushing and flossing can reduce tooth decay. Limiting intake of sugar will also reduce decay. There is also a growing body of res (MORE)

What causes baby bottle tooth decay?

Tooth decay is a result of bacteria in the mouth metabolizing simple sugars. The bacteria produce acid which erodes the enamel of the tooth. The longer the teeth are exposed to the acid, the greater chance of tooth decay occurring. "Baby bottle syndrome" is when a child is allowed excessive acces (MORE)

What is the name of the element which causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay is the process that results in a cavity (dental caries). It occurs when bacteria in your mouth make acids that eat away at a tooth. If not treated, tooth decay can cause pain, infection, and tooth loss. The mixture of bacteria and acids make a sticky substance called plaque which if no (MORE)

How can bacteria cause tooth decay?

Bacteria metabolize simple carbohydrates (sugars) and produce acids. Over time the acid corrodes the enamel of the tooth resulting in tooth decay.

Why do sugars cause tooth decay?

The sugar molecule is a large molecule that sticks to anything. It is a very gluey molecule. This is why you need to brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating or drinking sugary substances.