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Where do the names of the months come from?

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January comes from Janus, the god of the doorway.

February comes from the word februum which means purification

March comes from Mars, the god of war.

April come from the word aperire, which mean to open.

May comes from the word Maia, the goddess of fertility.

June comes from the Roman goddess Juno.

July was named for Julius Caesar.

August was named for Augustus Caesar.

September comes from the Latin word for seven.

This is followed by
October - 8th month
November - 9th month
December - 10th month
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How did you get the names of the month?

January after the Roman God, Janus February after the old Italian God Februus or Februa - a festival of purification March after the Romas God of war - Mars April from apirere

How did the months get their name?

January--named for the God Janus February--month of Februa March--named for the God Mars April--month of Aphrodite May--month of Maia June--named for the God Juno

What is the month Septembers month name?

it is SEPTEMBER ====== Just look at the names September, October, November and December. Sabtha means seven, Octo means eight, Nava means nine and Das means ten. Hence initial