Who invented the FOIL method?

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Bill Gates
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What is the foil method?

The FOIL Method is a process used in algebra to multiply twobinomials. f= first terms o= outer terms i= inner terms l= last terms

When was aluminum foil invented?

Metal foil, such as tin foil had been around for years. The first plant designed for rolling aluminum foil was opened in 1910. Aluminum foil replaced tin foil, when the "Dr. L

Who invented the Tin foil phonograph?

In July 1877, while developing his telephone transmitter, Thomas Edison conceived the idea of recording and playing back telephone messages. After experimenting with a telepho

Who invented tin foil?

Humphry Davy was the person who invented tin foil, or aluminum foil. He was very skilled in science.

What year was aluminum foil invented?

The first aluminum foil factory was opened in 1910 in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. They used a process called "endless rolling process" which was invented by the owner of the fac

What is FOIL method in math?

It stands for "first, outsides, insides, last". It is how to multiply out double brackets such as (x+3)(x-4). First numbers, inside numbers, outside numbers, last numbers.
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When do you use foil method?

You use it in math, especially in algebra 1. The F.O.I.L method is like the distributive property basically.
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The foil method is used for?

The foil method in algebra is used to "multiply linear binomials."The FOIL method is used in elementary algebra as a guide forsolving algebraic problems.